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Zest Global Events

Welcome to Motivation in Isolation, our Virtual Venue bringing to you a series of FREE EVENTS designed to connect anyone isolated at home. Our events will be live and interactive and in a place where you can come together to share an experience virtually with others.

Events have been designed to be engaging and fun, with the purpose of connecting people and building a community. Events include; Fitness classes, Wellbeing workshops, Business and Personal coaching, Training Sessions, Motivational Speakers to give you a daily dose of motivation. We've got entertainers and DJ’s and even the occasional Quiz. A daily coffee shop is a place to come and meet others and hang out. The lunch deli is a place for you to cook alongside our chefs who will be cooking up some delicious and healthy recipes to boost your immune system.

This platform has been made possible by the goodwill of so many, who like us, are concerned about the mental wellbeing of everyone as a result of long term self isolation. We would like to thank everyone for generously hosting a session with the donation of their skills and time.

Please join us by building a wonderful community and place to help people stay engaged and motivated during this time of isolation, by signing up for our Free events.

Sorry, there are no upcoming events