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Comparing payment processing options

Eventbrite Payment Processing is the default payment option and provides a simple registration process that typically puts the most money in your pocket. You can also use PayPal to process payments for your events, but you won't be able to use features like eblink{Reserved Seating=>} and eblink{registration transfers=>}. From the event’s Manage page, choose “Set Payment Options” to see available payment processor options.

TIP: In addition to accepting online payments, you can accept checks or cash by eblink{setting up offline payment options=>}.

NOTE: The payment processors available to you may vary depending on which eblink{currency=>} you use. eblink{See what payment types can be accepted in your country with each payment processor option=>}. You can use the eblink{Eventbrite Organiser app=>} to process credit card payments in USD, GBP, and CAD with Eventbrite Payment Processing. Events using another currency (AUD, EUR, BRL, ARS, NZD) can use Eventbrite Organiser to take cash sales on-site. Events using PayPal or Authorise.Net can't use the Eventbrite Organiser app to sell at the door with credit card payments, but you can still check in attendees. eblink{See which other features=>} are only available with Eventbrite Payment Processing.

Eventbrite Payment Processing

eblink{Eventbrite Payment Processing=>} is the default way to take payments online (and the smoothest experience for both you and your attendees). • Attendees stay on the Eventbrite site to complete their purchase, and there's a significantly higher attendee purchase conversion rate than PayPal (more sales for you). eblink{See the checkout process=>}. • Eventbrite Payment Processing is available at no extra cost across all packages for events using Euro and getting paid in Ireland. You just pay the Eventbrite Service Fee. eblink{Learn more about fees=>}. • There's nothing to set up — tell us eblink{how you'd like to be paid=>}, and we'll start a bank transfer 4-5 days after the event. Depending on your Eventbrite package, you may also be able to eblink{request early payouts for your events=>}. • We're eblink{PCI compliant=>}, so you know your transactions are secure. • eblink{Refunds=>} are easy to handle, and all fees are returned.

NOTE: With Eventbrite Payment Processing, attendees can also pay with: • Germany and Austria: eblink{SEPA Direct Debit=>}, eblink{SOFORT=>} • The Netherlands: iDEAL • Belgium: eblink{Bancontact=>} eblink{Learn more about how to set this up for your event=>}.


eblink{PayPal=>} can be used for events in any country Eventbrite Payment Processing is available. • Attendees reach PayPal's website to complete their purchase (they often have to log in to PayPal to pay — eblink{see PayPal's purchase process=>}). • The eblink{PayPal processing fee=>} varies by country/currency and is subject to change at PayPal's discretion. • eblink{We'll invoice you for the Eventbrite Service Fee=>} you collect for the tickets you sell each month. • Only the Eventbrite service (not PayPal's processing fee) can be passed on to your attendees, and PayPal doesn't return their full fee if you process refunds. • eblink{Provide your PayPal email address=>} to start accepting payments and to get paid. (If you're a new PayPal user, you'll need to follow PayPal's instructions to verify your account before you can receive any money into your bank account.) • Funds are deposited into your PayPal account immediately after a purchase is completed, although it may take a few days for the funds to show in your bank account.

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