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How to accept payments by check, invoice, or at the event with offline payments

Attendees can pay by check or invoice, or pay at your event with our Eventbrite Organiser mobile app when you enable offline payment options. From your event's Manage page, go to your Payment Options, scroll to the section Collecting Offline Payments, and check off the additional payment options you want to offer. You'll collect these payments outside of Eventbrite, and still be able to track them in reporting.

TIP: You can't process credit card transactions for orders completed using an offline payment method. If an attendee lets you know they'd like to pay by card after they've already registered and chosen an offline payment option, they'll need to do so on your event listing. Then eblink{remove the record of their previous order=>} so they don't appear twice in your reporting.

NOTE: Since you're not charging credit cards with offline payment options, there's no payment processing fee, though the Eventbrite service fee still applies. If you're using eblink{Eventbrite Payment Processing=>}, our service fee is automatically deducted from your payout. If you're using eblink{PayPal=>}, this fee is included in your eblink{monthly invoice=>}. Offline payment methods are not available for events using eblink{Authorise.Net=>}.

1. Go to your Manage page.

After eblink{logging in=>} and eblink{creating an event=>}, find your event on the Manage Events page, then select Manage.

2. Go to Set Payment Options.

From the options menu, scroll to Set Payment Options. If you've already eblink{set up your payout details=>}, you'll select Payment Options instead.

3. Scroll to Collecting Offline Payments.

Scroll down the Payment Options page until you see the section Collecting Offline Payments.

NOTE: Collecting Offline Payments won't show if you haven't added a payout method. Add a payout method and Save your changes.

4. Select which offline payment methods you'd like to offer.

Click Add Options and check the box next to the offline payment methods you'd like to offer. Then enter payment instructions for your attendees.

EXAMPLE: Tracy is accepting payments by check, so she selects "Check" to enter an address for attendees to mail payments.

NOTE: Invoices for the "Pay by invoice" option are not auto-generated by Eventbrite and sent to attendees. If you offer attendees this option, consider using an online tool like eblink{Free Invoice Generator=>} or an in-house system to generate invoices.

5. Save your changes.

Choose "Save" to add the additional payment options to your registration form.

6. Attendees can register online and pay you offline.

When attendees visit your event listing, they see that the option to pay offline is available. After choosing "Tickets” and then “Checkout,” attendees choose their payment method and eblink{complete the registration process=>}.

NOTE: If attendees don't select a number of tickets before choosing "Order Now," they'll receive a message saying, "Invalid quantity. Please enter a quantity of 1 or more."

7. Mark payments as "Received."

When you receive orders with offline payments, the order will be classified in your eblink{Orders report=>} as "Payment Not Received." You can mark the payment as received by selecting "Mark as Received."

EXAMPLE: Tracy receives a check in the mail for this payment, so she finds the order from the eblink{Orders report=>} and marks the payment as received.

TIP: You can export a report of all the orders that haven't been marked as received from the eblink{Orders report=>}. Using the drop-down menu under "Order Type," just choose "Offline Orders - Payment Not Received."

PRO TIP: You can also eblink{email your attendees through Eventbrite=>} to remind them to mail in their payment or bring it to the event.

NOTE: Attendees will receive an eblink{order confirmation email=>} and eblink{PDF ticket=>} after registering (as with a credit card order). Be sure to collect the full amount necessary from these attendees! We deduct the Eventbrite service fee straight from your payout if you're using eblink{Eventbrite Payment Processing=>}, or we'll send you a eblink{monthly invoice=>} for this fee if you're using eblink{PayPal=>}.

8. Optional: Use Eventbrite Organiser to collect payments from attendees who haven't paid.

If you're eblink{checking in attendees=>} with our eblink{Eventbrite Organiser mobile app=>}, you'll see a message that lets you know when payment is due for attendees who haven't paid yet. At this point, you can easily eblink{use Eventbrite Organiser to collect payments=>} from those attendees and mark those orders as paid right from the app.

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