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Accept payments by check, invoice, or at the event

You can let attendees pay by check, invoice, or at your event when you enable offline payment options. From your event's Manage page, go to "Payment Method" (under Payments) to get started. Eventbrite doesn't process offline payments or creates invoices, but you'll still be able to track the orders in reporting.

NOTE: Since there's no payment taken online, there's no payment processing fee. The orders are placed through Eventbrite, so the Eventbrite service fee still applies. If you're using eblink{Eventbrite Payment Processing=>}, the service fee is automatically deducted from your payout. If you're using eblink{PayPal=>}, this fee is included in your monthly invoice.

1. Check this before you start.

☑️ Before you set up your payment options, eblink{set up paid ticket types=>} for your event. ☑️ Offline payments are additional to online payments. It's not possible to accept offline payments only. ☑️ Offline payment methods are not available for events using eblink{Authorise.Net=>}. ☑️ Eventbrite doesn't process offline payments. Invoices for the "Pay by invoice" option are not auto-created by Eventbrite and sent to attendees.

2. Go to your Manage page.

eblink{Log into your Eventbrite account=>} and select your event.

3. Click "Payment Options" (under "Payments").

From the Event Dashboard, scroll to "Payments" and select "Payment Options".

4. Select your payment processor and scroll down to "Offline Options".

"Offline Options" appears as soon as you select a payment processor. Click on the dropdown to see which offline options there are.

5. Select your payment options

Check the box next to the offline payment option you'd like to offer. You can enter payment instructions for your attendees like a payment deadline, a bank account number, or contact information. Keep in mind that Eventbrite doesn't create and send an official invoice for the "Pay by invoice" option. Instead, use an in-house invoice creator or find one online, like the eblink{Free Invoice Generator=>}.

6. Click "Save" to confirm your changes.

Attendees can now register online and pay you offline.

7. Track your orders with offline payments.

Keep track of your orders with offline payments in your eblink{Orders report=>}. From your Event Dashboard, go to "Orders" under "Manage Attendees". Filter the offline paid orders by selecting the drop-down menu under "Order Type". From there choose "Offline Orders - Payment Not Received."

TIP: Export a report of all the orders with the mark "Payment Not Received" in your eblink{Orders report=>}. Click on the dropdown under 'Export' and select a file type.

8. Update the payment status per order.

Make sure to look up the order and select "Payment Received" once payment comes through. This confirms that the tickets on the order are valid.

NOTE: Eventbrite deducts the service fee straight from your payout if you're using eblink{Eventbrite Payment Processing=>}. If you're using eblink{PayPal=>}, you'll get a monthly invoice.

9. Use Eventbrite Organiser to record payments at the door. (OPTIONAL)

If you're eblink{checking in attendees=>} with the eblink{Eventbrite Organiser mobile app=>}, you'll see a message that lets you know if attendees haven't paid yet. At this point, you can use Eventbrite Organiser to eblink{collect payments=>} from those attendees and mark the orders as paid right from the app.

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