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How to set up promotional tracking links

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Category: Promotional Tools & Email Invitations

With Eventbrite's promotional tracking links, you can track any number of different campaigns with a unique URL for each effort (emails, flyers, newspapers, you name it). Get started creating these custom links in the Invite & Promote section of your event's Manage page.

TIP: If you created your event by eblink{copying an event=>}, tracking links from the previous event will copy to your new event. Make sure to review "Tracking Links" on your event's Manage page to make any adjustments needed.

NOTE: Tracking links with visits associated (e.g., greater than "0") can't be deleted.

<h2 id="01">1. Go to your Event Dashboard.</h2> <p>Event creators can log into their Eventbrite account eblink{here=&gt; target=_blank}. Then select your event.</p> <h2 id="02">2. Click Tracking Links from the left-hand menu.</h2> <h2 id="03">3. Name and create a tracking link.</h2> <p>Enter the Name of your tracking link. As you type, you&#39;ll see that a unique tracking link is created in the box below. When you’re done, click Create.</p> <p class="text-small l-pad-vert-2 l-pad-hor-2 card l-mar-top-2">EXAMPLE: You can create a tracking link for a newsletter you’re partnering with called Daily Digs. Type “DailyDigs” (no quotes) into the name field and have this promoter use this link in the emails they send so you can track traffic from this source. You could even use DailyDigs1, DailyDigs2, etc. to track each newsletter mailing.</p> <p class="text-small l-pad-vert-2 l-pad-hor-2 card l-mar-top-2">NOTE: If you&#39;ve created a eblink{custom URL for your event=&gt;}, you&#39;ll see two boxes appear when you create a tracking link. Copy either link and distribute it to your promoter—both will lead visitors to your event page.</p> <h2 id="04">4. Distribute links to promoters.</h2> <p>Copy this link and distribute it to the relevant marketing outlet or promoters.</p> <h2 id="05">5. See the performance of each tracking link.</h2> <p>Now that you&#39;ve created a link, you can view a list of all your tracking links and their performance by clicking Tracking Links in the left-hand menu from the Manage section of your event.</p> <p class="text-small l-pad-vert-2 l-pad-hor-2 card l-mar-top-2">NOTE: With tracking links, affiliates will not be able to see the progress of their specific traffic link. Only the event organiser and any eblink{subusers granted access to the account=&gt;} and event can see this information.</p>

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