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Change the registration time limit

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Category: Creating & Editing Events & Tickets

By default, your attendees have 20 minutes to complete their order but you can increase or decrease that time limit. To get started, go to your Event Dashboard. Then select “Order form” (under “Order options”), and scroll to the bottom of the form.

<h2 id="01">1. Go to your Event Dashboard.</h2> <p>Log in to your Eventbrite account. Then select your event.</p> <h2 id="02">2. Go to &quot;Order Form&quot; (under Order Options).</h2> <h2 id="03">3. Change the &quot;Registration time limit&quot;.</h2> <p>Scroll to the registration time limit at the bottom of your order form. Then enter your new time limit.</p> <p class="text-small l-pad-vert-2 l-pad-hor-2 card l-mar-top-2"><b>NOTE: </b>If an attendee begins the checkout process but doesn’t complete their order, the tickets they selected will be unavailable until the time limit expires. For events with high demand, consider a shorter time limit.</p> <h2 id="04">4. Save changes.</h2>

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