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Sell merchandise and other extras with add-ons

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Category: Creating & Editing Events & Tickets

Use add-ons to sell merchandise and other extras related to your event (like t-shirts, VIP experiences, and other non-ticket items). Create add-ons by going to “Tickets”. Then use Eventbrite’s reporting and email tools to fulfill any purchases. Only sell add-ons if you are also running a ticketed event. Listings that only sell merchandise violate Eventbrite’s policy on eblink{non-events=>}.

<h2 id="01">1. Go to “Tickets” in your event.</h2> <p>Go to &quot;eblink{Manage events=&gt; target=_blank}&quot; in your account. Then select your event and click “Tickets”.</p> <h2 id="02">2. Select “Create add-on” (under “Add-Ons”).</h2> <h2 id="03">3. Optional: Add variations.</h2> <p>Add variations to sell different types of the same add-on, like different sizes of t-shirts.</p> <ol><li>Select “This add-on has multiple prices or varieties”.</li><li>Give your add-on a name and quantity.</li><li>Click “Add variation”.</li><li>Customise your add-on (see next section) and save your changes.</li><li>Add more variations as needed.</li></ol> <h2 id="04">4. Edit your add-on.</h2> <p>Fill in the details for your add-on.</p> <ul><li>Name - The name that your attendees see on your event listing. Enter the name you want your attendees to see for this item and, if necessary, any variations.</li><li>Quantity - Total number of items available to buy. If your add-on has multiple variations, you can also set the amount available of each variation.</li><li>Price - The item’s cost, not including any fees. Leave blank to make the add-on free.</li><li>Absorb fees (paid add-ons only) - Select this to cover any fees. If you don’t select this, your attendees pay the fees on top of the add-on price.</li><li>Sales start/end - When attendees can buy the add-on</li><li>Description - 2,500 characters or less that describe the add-on • Add Image - An image your attendees see with this add-on</li><li>Details for confirmation email - A message included in the confirmation email</li><li>Visibility - Whether or not this add-on is visible to attendees</li><li>Add-On Per Order - The minimum and maximum amount an attendee can buy in a single order</li><li>Sales Channel - Where attendees can buy this add-on. If you select “At the door only”, you must eblink{sell the add-on with the Eventbrite organiser app=&gt;}.</li><li>Method of delivery - Choose how attendees can receive their confirmation. Attendees who select “eTicket” receive a PDF confirmation with a scannable code. Attendees who select “Will call” don’t receive a PDF or scannable code, but they still receive a confirmation email.</li></ul> <h2 id="05">5. Save your changes.</h2> <p>If you need to update your add-on, select the three-dot icon to edit it.</p> <h2 id="06">6. Ensure your attendees get the add-ons.</h2> <p>Ensure your attendees get their purchases:</p> <ul><li>eblink{Update your order form=&gt;} to collect the information you need. If you plan on shipping out merchandise, make sure to collect shipping addresses.</li><li>View purchases in the eblink{attendee summary report=&gt;}. In that report, select “Add-ons only” (under “Tickets”) to view only add-on purchases.</li><li>If you issued e-tickets, eblink{check in orders=&gt;} when you fulfill them.</li><li>eblink{Email your attendees=&gt;} if you need more information or want to give updates.</li></ul>

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