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How to set up an event that doesn't require PDF tickets (registration only)

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Category: Creating an event

If you're hosting an event that doesn't require tickets, turn off PDF tickets. To get started, go to your Event Dashboard and select "Order Options". Then choose "Order confirmation" and uncheck the box next to 'Include printable tickets in all orders". Be sure to let your attendees know they don't need to show a digital or printed ticket to enter your event.

<h2 id="01">1. Go to your Event Dashboard.</h2> <p>Log in to your Eventbrite account. Then select go to <a href="" target="_blank">Manage my events</a> and select your event.</p> <h2 id="02">2. Select &quot;Order Options&quot;.</h2> <h2 id="03">3. Choose &quot;Order Confirmation&quot;.</h2> <h2 id="04">4. Disable PDF tickets.</h2> <p>Scroll to the bottom and check the box next to &quot;Include printable tickets in all orders&quot;. Then save your changes.</p> <h2 id="05">5. Tell attendees that digital or printed tickets aren&#39;t required.</h2> Let your attendees know they don&#39;t need to bring a copy of their tickets by: <ul><li><a href="" target="_blank">Adding a custom message</a> to your event&#39;s order confirmation email </li><li><a href="" target="_blank">Sending an email to attendees</a> before your event&#39;s start date</li></ul> <h2 id="06">6. Optional: Change your event type to &quot;Registration only&quot;.</h2> <ol><li>Go to <b>Tickets</b>.</li><li>Choose <b>Settings</b>.</li><li>Select <b>Registration event</b> (under &#39;Event type&#39;).</li><li>Save.</li></ol>

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