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How to use a laptop to check in attendees at your event

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Updated by Devin W.

You can check in attendees on-site right from your laptop, as long as your event's venue has an internet connection. To get started, head over to your event's Manage page, go to Manage Attendees, and select "Check-in." After you find your attendee's order, all you have to do is select the check icon to check them in to your event.

TIP: Want to take things a step further and accept payments at your event? You can both eblink{check in attendees=>} and eblink{sell tickets=>} at your event with eblink{Eventbrite Organiser=>}, our box office mobile app for iOS and Android devices.

NOTE: You need a strong internet connection at your event venue in order to check in attendees. Use eblink{>} to check the strength of your internet connection before your event. Compare these results to a place where you know has a good connection. If you lose internet connection during check in, you won't be able to check in attendees until the connection is restored.

1. Go to your Manage page.

Event creators can log into their Eventbrite account eblink{here=> target=_blank}. Then select your event.

2. Optional: Export an orders report showing the offline payments you haven't received.

For orders completed using an eblink{offline payment method=>}, attendees that haven't paid can still be checked in. To make sure you only check in the attendees that have paid, export an eblink{orders report=>} with "Order Type" set to "Offline Payments - Payment Not Received". Then collect payment from any attendee on the list before checking them in.

TIP: When you use our eblink{Eventbrite Organiser mobile app=>} to eblink{check in attendees=>}, the app automatically notifies you when attendees who chose an eblink{offline payment method=>} haven't paid yet. Then, you can use Eventbrite Organiser to eblink{collect their payment on-site=>}.

PRO TIP: You can use both a laptop and our eblink{Eventbrite Organiser mobile app=>} to check in attendees at the same time. Check-in data from both types of devices will sync in real time, and you can even eblink{add additional users to your Eventbrite account to check in attendees=>}. Just make sure to set this up ahead of time!

3. Go to "Check-in" (under Manage Attendees).

From the options menu, scroll to the bottom until you see the Manage Attendees section. Then click Check-in.

NOTE: If your eblink{event schedule has multiple dates/times=>}, choose a date in the Individual Event Selector (at the top of your Manage page) to use the laptop check-in tool for your event.

4. Find the order.

To find an order, scroll through the list of attendees, or search by name or email address. You can also sort your attendee check-in list how you want by selecting the column headers. It's an easy way to see everyone who is and isn't checked in.

PRO TIP: You can eblink{run an orders report=>} ahead of time, or have it open in another tab, if there are attendee details you need to check when someone checks in to your event.

5. Select "Check in" to check in attendees.

Under the "Status" column, select "Check in" to check in attendees. A green 'check' icon will appear next to the attendee's order when checked in to your event.

TIP: Did you accidentally check in the wrong attendee? Don't worry — you can check that person out of the event by simply selecting the green 'check' icon again.

6. View check-ins in real time.

The status bar up top shows the number of attendees that are currently checked in to your event. As attendees are checked in, you'll see the status bar update in real time.

7. View check-in data in reporting.

You can pull a report that lets you see the number of attendees checked in over time, as well as people who didn't show up. To create this report, go to your event's Manage page, head over to Analyse, and select eblink{Event Reports=>}. You can set the report type to "Event Attendance By Time" or "Event Attendance vs No Shows."

PRO TIP: After the event is over, it's time to gather feedback from your attendees. Eventbrite offers several options for you to eblink{send a post-event survey to attendees=>}.

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