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How to cancel an event

If you have to cancel an event, it's important to eblink{communicate with your attendees=>} and eblink{issue refunds=>}. Once you've completed these first steps, select the "Cancel" link on the Event Dashboard to cancel your event in the system.

TIP: If your event repeats, eblink{learn how to change the date and time (or cancel) an individual date=>} in your schedule.

PRO TIP: eblink{Learn how to postpone and reschedule your event=>}, instead.

Email your attendees

1. Go to your Manage page.

After eblink{logging in=> target=_blank} and eblink{creating an event=>}, click or tap on your event from Manage Events, then select "Manage."

TIP: You don't have to cancel your event if you're just changing the event's date. Instead, you can simply change the date in Step 1: Event Details on the Edit page of your event. eblink{Email your attendees=>} beforehand to let them know!

2. Go to Emails to Attendees (under Manage Attendees).

In the options menu, scroll down until you see the "Manage Attendees" section, second from the bottom.

3. Select "Create New Attendee Email."

Choose "Create New Attendee Email" to pull up a new blank email.

4. Email your attendees to let them know about the cancellation.

Let your attendees know about expectations for eblink{refunds=>}, who they can contact with further questions, and if you plan to re-schedule the event. Once you've finished eblink{customizing the email=>}, you can send the email immediately or schedule it to be sent later.

TIP: Uncheck the box next to "Include event details and a link to print tickets" so that your attendees don't receive another PDF ticket.

PRO TIP: Before sending, send yourself a test email using "Send test message to:". You can either send to the email address that displays or click to update and send to an alternate email address.

Refund all paid orders and cancel (or delete) any free orders

1. Go to Orders (under Manage Attendees).

In the options menu, scroll down to the bottom to locate the "Manage Attendees" section.

2. Use "Refund this Order" from Quick Actions.

Locate the order and select "Refund this Order" from the top Quick Actions drop-down menu.

TIP: At this point, you'll also want to cancel or delete any free orders from Quick Actions.

NOTE: If you're eblink{using PayPal for payment processing=>}, the PayPal processing fee may not be refunded and eblink{part of this refund process will be completed on PayPal's website=>}. Also, since you're taken to PayPal, any refunds issued will only reflect in your Eventbrite account after you've completed the process in your PayPal account.

3. Issue a full refund.

You must eblink{refund=>} the full amount on each order to be able to cancel your event in the system. Once you select "Issue Refund," your attendee will automatically receive an email notification that they've received a refund. You'll want to do this for each completed paid order in your event.

TIP: Use the "Note to Buyer" text field to add a message that appears in the email that the attendee automatically receives when the order is refunded. We especially recommend including a note since the attendee didn't initiate the refund request.

NOTE: You must issue individual refunds, as there is no bulk refund option.

Cancel your event

1. Go to your Event Dashboard.

Select Manage to go to your event's dashboard.

2. Select "Cancel."

Look for the "Cancel" link on your Event Dashboard. Cancel is grouped with the options to eblink{Unpublish=>}, eblink{Copy=>}, or eblink{Delete=>}.

3. Choose "OK" to confirm the cancellation.

You'll be brought back to the Manage Events page, and your cancelled event will be listed in the "Past" tab.

NOTE: If you'd like to delete your event after refunding, cancelling, or deleting all orders and cancelling the event, select Delete from your event's Manage page. Deleting your event will delete it entirely from your Eventbrite account.

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