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Cancel your event

Canceling your event is not an easy decision to make, but Eventbrite can help to make the process of doing so easier. First eblink{email your attendees=>}. Then eblink{issue refunds=>} and mark your event as canceled.

Email your attendees

You can use Eventbrite to email your attendees to let them know the event is canceled.

1. Go to your Event Dashboard.

Go to "eblink{Manage events=> target=_blank}" in your account. Then, select your event.

2. Go to “Emails to attendees” (under “Manage attendees”).

3. Select “Create new attendee email”.

4. Send an email to your attendees.

In your email, make sure to let attendees know: • When they can expect eblink{refunds=>} • Contact details for questions • If you plan to reschedule the event Once you’ve written the email, send it immediately or schedule it at the bottom of this page. eblink{Learn more about sending emails to attendees=>}.

Refund and cancel all orders

When an event is canceled, Eventbrite requires refunds. For more information, check out the eblink{organiser refund policy requirements=>}. You have two refund options:. • Select a refund back to the original payment method used to buy the ticket • Issue a eblink{credit that attendees can use for your future events=>}. Go to “Orders” and refund orders eblink{individually=>} or eblink{all at once=>}.

1. Go to your Event Dashboard.

Go to "eblink{Manage events=> target=_blank}" in your account. Then, select your event.

2. Go to “Orders” (under “Manage attendees”).

3. Select "Refund this Order" from Actions.

Go to an order and select "Refund this Order" from the “Actions” drop-down menu. If the order is free, select “Cancel” or “Delete” instead.

4. Issue a full refund to each attendee.

When you eblink{issue a refund=>}, make sure you do the following: 1. Choose the refund reason, “Canceled or postponed event” 2. Choose the refund method ($USD only) 3. Issue a refund to all the tickets on the order 4. (Optional) Include messaging letting the buyer know the event is canceled The attendee automatically receives a full refund including Eventbrite's fees. If you’ve already been paid, you also need to eblink{enter a debit or credit card to pay for the refunds=>}. If your event uses eblink{PayPal for payment processing=>}, follow eblink{these steps=>} to issue refunds to your attendees.

Cancel your event

Once you have refunded or canceled all orders on your event, you can cancel the event from the Event Dashboard.

1. Go to your Event Dashboard.

If your eblink{event has multiple dates=>} and you’re only canceling a few selected dates: 1. Click “Occurrences” and choose a date. 2. Cancel one date at a time.

2. Select "Cancel."

Click “More” in your event header and select “Cancel event”. Then, choose to either cancel or eblink{delete the event=>}: • Cancel: continue to access event and attendee information • Delete: event and attendee information will be removed from your account

3. Helpful links

• eblink{Send emails to your attendees=>} • eblink{How to refund an order=>} • eblink{Cancel or delete a free order=>} • eblink{Eventbrite's Organiser Refund Policy Requirements=>} • eblink{Issue refunds as credit to your future events=>}

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