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Getting started with Eventbrite's RFID solution

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Feature Availability: This article discusses a feature only available for Eventbrite Premium organizers.
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Considering RFID to manage entry for your event? Eventbrite's RFID solution for U.S. events can help your event stand out with faster lines, better data, and more ways to serve your attendees. Read more to learn about our RFID technology, and fill out the quick form if you're interested. One of our event experts will follow up!

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What is RFID?

RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) is a small electronic device with a computer chip and an antenna used for wireless identification and tracking. The RFID device provides a unique identifier for each wristband or badge, similar to the barcode on a paper ticket. Just as the barcode must be scanned to get the ticket information, the RFID device on the wristband or badge must be scanned to retrieve the attendee information.

The Benefits of using Eventbrite's RFID solution

Eventbrite's RFID solution make it easy to manage entry and exit to your event. By reducing wait times and saving hassle for your attendees, you have full control of your event entrance. With Eventbrite's RFID solution, you can also get: • Real-time attendee, order, and check-in data • Offline scanning that keeps your event going if power goes down • Order and shipment tracking for attendees • Cashless payments for attendees to quickly buy food, drinks, and merchandise

TIP: With RFID, you can unlock in-and-out access control to multiple zones within your event—not just at a single main gate.

PRO TIP: You can also take a look at our eblink{Eventbrite blog=>} to learn more about the benefits of using RFID for events.

How to request Eventbrite's RFID solution

If you're organising a large-scale event on Eventbrite and are interested in using our RFID solution, eblink{fill out this quick form=> target=_blank} with the following information: • Email address • First and last name • Company • Phone number • Estimated number of attendees One of our event experts will reach out.

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