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Did my paid order or free registration complete?

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Category: Attending an Event

Not sure if your order went through? eblink{Log into your Eventbrite account=> target=_blank} or enter the email address you used to register eblink{here=> target=_blank}. Both direct to the Tickets section of your Eventbrite account where upcoming and past tickets to events appear.

TIP: Your order confirmation email and/or pdf ticket also serves as the receipt for your order. If you need a receipt in a specific format, eblink{send a request to your event organiser=>}.

NOTE: Eventbrite is not the organiser of your event. If you have specific questions about the event you're attending (where to park, what to bring, where to sign in, etc.) eblink{contact the event organiser=>}.

— I was charged by Eventbrite, but don't know if the registration went through.

If you see an Eventbrite charge on your bank or credit card statement but don't see your order on the eblink{Tickets=> target=_blank} page of your Eventbrite account, it's likely a pending charge. Pending charges should drop off in a few banking days (or sooner).

NOTE: If you tried to order more than once and see multiple pending charges, eblink{take a look here for more information=>}.

— I purchased tickets to an event listed on Eventbrite from a different website or third party.

Eventbrite is not a ticket reselling site. Eventbrite is a ticketing site that sole authorised ticket sellers use to manage event registrations. If you didn’t purchase tickets on the Eventbrite event listing created by the event organiser, it's best to eblink{notify them of the situation=>} — the event organiser manages all aspects of their event, including details like entry/access. Unfortunately, Eventbrite cannot guarantee that tickets will be honored since they were not purchased through the event listing the organiser created for registration.

— I meant to purchase X number tickets, but ended up with Y number of tickets.

Reference your order confirmation email or the eblink{Tickets=> target=_blank} section of your Eventbrite account to confirm the number of tickets you registered for. If you registered for LESS tickets than you wanted, place a separate order for the event to make up the difference. If you registered for MORE tickets than you wanted, you can: • Cancel your registration and re-register (only available if your tickets were free — no cost to register — and the event has not started or ended) • eblink{Request a refund=>} from the event organiser

TIP: When cancelling a free registration to an event, you can only cancel the entire order (not one ticket out of multiple tickets registered).

NOTE: Only certain information (name, email, etc.) can be changed when eblink{updating your registration information=>}. You can't change the number of tickets ordered, billing address, or credit card/payment type used. Please see the information above for options available if you didn't register for the number of tickets you wanted.

— I’m having trouble and want assistance placing my order.

We take eblink{privacy=>} and eblink{security=>} seriously, so Eventbrite Customer Support can't register on your behalf. If you're having trouble registering, try switching browsers or devices, and/or eblink{clearing your cache and cookies=>} to resolve.

— I need to know what’s required to enter or access the event.

Eventbrite is not the organiser of your event and can't confirm what the organiser requires for entry. For specific questions about the event you're attending, take a look at the event listing where you registered or eblink{contact the event organiser=>}.

TIP: eblink{Contact the event organiser=>} to request a copy of your order confirmation email.

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