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Promote your event

Events are public by default, which means they are listed by major search engines and shown in Eventbrite’s search directory. You can use the tools in your event and those in the App Marketplace to promote upcoming events.

— Make sure your event is optimised for search

To improve your event's placement in search results: • Add a descriptive, unique title. • Specify a Type, Category and Sub-category for your event. • Add relevant tags. • For in-person events, make sure your venue location is set and the map on the event page reflects the correct location. • eblink{Create a compelling "Event Description"=>} using eblink{keywords=>} that you expect customers to search for. • Add a main event image. • Avoid setting up single events that run for several weeks. This does not apply to eblink{recurring events=>}.

— Sell tickets directly on Facebook

eblink{Make tickets available on your Facebook event=>}, so people can register for your Eventbrite event without leaving Facebook.

— Create promotional codes

Set up eblink{discounts=>} for special pricing, eblink{access codes=>} to reveal hidden tickets you created for a specific group of attendees, or eblink{public discounts=>} to offer reduced rates to seniors, military, children, and other customer segments.

— Create multiple ticket types

Set up tickets for eblink{early-bird pricing=>} or limited time flash sales. To create more than one ticket type, you’ll need to use the eblink{Professional=>} or eblink{Premium=>} package.

— Send email invitations

Use "eblink{Email Campaigns=>}" or "eblink{Email Invitations=>}" to market your event to your network and past attendees. eblink{Learn more about email marketing practises=>}.

— Create a custom link

eblink{Create a custom URL (web address)=>} to make it easier for attendees to remember where to find your event online.

— Sell tickets on your website

Attendees can register directly on your website using eblink{Eventbrite’s embedded checkout=>}. To use embedded checkout, you’ll need to use the eblink{Professional=>} or eblink{Premium=>} package.

— Create your Organiser Profile

eblink{Set up an organiser profile=>} and connect your organisation’s social media pages for more visibility.

— Monitor campaign effectiveness with tracking links

eblink{Set up tracking links=>} for promoters and marketing campaigns to determine the sources that drive the most traffic (or ticket sales).

— Turn attendees into promoters with an affiliate program

Set up an eblink{affiliate program=>} to reward event promoters for the referral sales they generate. You can give a percentage of ticket sales or a flat rate, but payment for referral commissions earned is the responsibility of the event organiser, not Eventbrite.

— Explore the App Marketplace

Browse the eblink{App Marketplace=>} for additional resources and promotional tools.

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