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The Best Email Invitation Templates for Event Planners

Email is pretty much an unavoidable part of working life.

Most people spend a large part of their day sending, reading and filing emails. In fact according to a report by Radicati there are now over 4.1 billion email accounts (that’s two thirds of the global population!) and over 108.7 billion business emails were sent and received per day.

That’s a whole lot of noise you need to cut through in order to get your message across and get the response you want.

Yet we often still dash off email messages without giving much thought to their structure or content, hoping that our recipient will give it their full attention and the benefit of the doubt.

Do you give that level of attention to every email you receive? Particularly if it’s unexpected or from someone you don’t know?

Probably not.

The only emails that get great results are well thought through, tested, optimised and improved upon.

Having worked in the conference industry for several years before joining Eventbrite, I’ve sent thousands of speaker invitations, marketing emails, media partnership proposals and press releases, learning all the time.

While there is no ‘perfect’ email formula, it is possible to follow some general best practice when drafting these common types of communication, following a certain structure and including elements that are proven to work.

So rather than starting from scratch each time you want to send an email, we’ve compiled a list of event email templates that should cover you for some of those common organiser needs, including:

  • Speaker invitation emails
  • Media partnership emails
  • Attendee invitation emails
  • PR or event launch emails

Want to grab them all as editable word docs so you can just edit, copy and paste? Just download them here…

With each email template you’ll get both a version with detailed notes explaining the best practice behind the wording and structure; and then a clean sample you can edit, copy and paste straight into your chosen email client.

Example of Speaker Email Invitation Template

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