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Conferences, seminars and meetings simplified

Eventbrite delivers a complete and reliable registration
solution create your customised event within minutes.
It's free and easy to get started.

We provide all the tools you need to make your event a success.

Eventbrite offers a reliable, secure and efficient ticketing solution for organisers all over the world.

  • Post an event in minutes

    It's simple to organise conferences, seminars,
    meetings, workshops, fundraisers, retreats, and
    events of all kinds!

  • Customise your message

    Reflect your brand in your customised event page.
    Easily offer early bird or members-only registration
    rates and tailor order confirmations by registration

  • Let your attendees pay online

    Easily collect money with debit and credit card
    processing, PayPal, cash or check. Track payments
    and manage refunds all in one place.

  • Get the word out

    Choose from a variety of promotional tools to tell
    people about your event, including widgets, custom
    links, invitations, social media and more.

  • Manage tickets at the door

    Check in your attendees by printing a guest list or
    using our free Entry Manager app to validate
    barcoded tickets at your event.

  • Track progress in real-time

    Stay organised by having instant access to reporting
    and analytics. Watch your ticket and registration sales
    as they happen.

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TEDx Houses of Parliament

"Being able to manage ticket sales and promotion through Eventbrite really helps ease the pressure and let’s us focus on making the content and experience the best possible."

- Tom O’Leary, Head of Public Engagement and Learning

TEDx Houses of Parliament

The Business Leaders’ Network

"Eventbrite is a perfect example of the power of technology to transform business. We're not a big business but we calculate Eventbrite saves us almost £100k a year doing the stuff in our business that no one wanted to do anyway. That's got to be a good thing!"

- Mark Littlewood, Founder

The Business Leaders' Network

Networking online, gathering offline.

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