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7 Event Planning Templates To Make Your Life a Little Easier

While event planning veterans will no doubt have their own workflows, templates and best practice documents, many new event organisers or those who run events on an irregular, ad hoc basis won’t have the same resources to work from.

If that sounds familiar and you always find yourself starting from scratch, then this set of event planning templates is for you.

In this pack you’ll get:

One Page Event Planning Template:
Get the overall strategy right for your next event with this deceptively simple, yet comprehensive, one page event plan.

RACI Event Management Template:
Taking a Responsibility-Accountability-Consult-Inform (RACI) approach to event management helps you to delegate responsibility, manage multiple staff or teams and helps ensure no details are missed.

Simple Event Budget Template:
Keeping tabs (and control) of your costs and revenues is an essential skill for all event planners. Use our simple template to help with this process and keep on top of your event budget.

Event Marketing Template:
Where do you start with your event promotion? Where do you end? And what happens in the middle?! This simple template helps you to fill in the blanks so you’ll enjoy sold-out events every time.

Event Schedule Templates:
How do you structure a great event so everyone learns a lot, but their schedule isn’t too hectic? We’ve drawn up 5 sample event schedules to help you put on perfectly balanced events.

Speaker Briefing Handbook:
Speakers can be your best friend and biggest ally if you manage them well. This handbook will help you get off on the right foot – and stay there – when working with your speakers.

Sponsor Fulfilment Handbook:
Sponsorship is often the lifeblood of an event, so it pays to keep them happy. Go above and beyond in ‘making their day’ with our fulfilment handbook.

These templates have been downloaded by thousands of event planners to help make their lives easier. Why not get them all in one go now and take your events to the next level?

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