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The 2019 Guide to Video Marketing for Events

94% of event creators that used video in 2018 said it was an effective event promotion strategy. But 57% of events didn't use video at all. Use this free guide to create and put your event's video strategy into action quickly — no expensive videographer necessary.

In a digital world where audiences are growing tired of absorbing so much information all the time, cutting through the noise with shorter, slicker video clips is the way of the future.

Late to the party? You can create and put your event’s video strategy into action quickly — no expensive videographer necessary.

Download this 2019 guide for advice from the event video marketing experts at Animoto, an online video maker millions of businesses use to create their own compelling videos. Inside, you’ll discover:

  • How video marketing is changing for events in 2019

  • The four most effective video types for events – including free templates to make yours
  • Where to use your event videos to drive ticket sales


How video marketing will change in 2019

Your video strategy isn’t separate from the marketing work you already do every day. It should be built into your existing approach — especially on social media, where video is consumers’ #1 favourite type of branded content (twice as popular as photo, and more than four times as popular as text posts).

But especially on social media, the rules of video change every day. If you’re using an approach from last January, it might as well be from last decade.  

Don’t risk your ticket sales by ignoring the latest developments in video strategy. Instead, the Animoto experts recommend you keep these four new trends in mind as you craft your strategy:

  1. New video formats are taking prominence. In social media feeds, square video will be king, since it takes up 78% more space in the mobile feed than horizontal shots. And thanks to the vertical format of Instagram Stories, vertical video is gaining traction, a sharp change from two years ago when vertical video was taboo.

    What to do about it: Make sure your news feed videos are square to get the most screen coverage (the templates below can help). And if you haven’t already, take advantage of Instagram Stories for “behind-the-scenes” videos of your event. Because this channel is expected to be in-the-moment and intimate, low production value is expected, so vertical shots filmed on your phone are fine.
  2. Video is getting shorter and shorter, also thanks to the influence of Instagram Stories, which is inspiring a move toward “storytelling in micro-moments.”“I typically recommend about 10-30 seconds for event video,” says Sally Sargood, video production manager at Animoto. “The advantage to making it shorter is that people are more likely to watch the entire thing. What to do about it: Think about your shot list primarily as two-second clips that can tell a story quickly. Longer shots can be used in your event recap video, but in promotional videos, you’ll only have a few seconds to capture your audience’s attention.”

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