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Choose the Perfect Feedback Form for Your Conference

Check out our selection of feedback form templates and select the one that best suits your next conference or event.

For any conference, content is king, so it’s vital for organisers to find out if their content hit the mark with attendees. Often, conference organisers rely solely on their post-event survey to determine whether an event met or exceeded expectations. While these surveys are useful, they tend to focus on overall satisfaction rather than obtaining a more granular opinion on the programme of content.

This is a missed opportunity. Of course, you don’t want to deter respondents with masses of questions, but by asking a small number after each session, you can break down your feedback requests into more manageable chunks. Session feedback is most easily collected by providing delegates with a feedback form and asking them to complete it before they leave the meeting room. While it might seem old-fashioned, this approach works for both parties – you get information while it’s fresh in their minds, while they don’t have to worry about finding the time to fill in a survey once they have left the venue.

By seeking feedback about each individual session, you can gain a much better idea about which parts of the programme were most successful, which speakers you should invite back next time, and how the content impacted your attendees. In this pack, we’ve included ve different feedback forms, helping you collect both quantitative and qualitative responses.

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