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Master LinkedIn Advertising for B2B Events

As competition in the B2B space continues to grow, the buyer journey is becoming increasingly complex. Your prospects and customers expect more when considering your solution and making a purchasing decision. As a brand, you need to break down the boundaries to find a way to speak to your audience directly and provide value. Events are the perfect way to achieve this. They are key to facilitating personalised engagement, accelerating pipeline momentum, and ultimately driving growth in revenue.

The only thing more important than hosting a great event is actually getting your target audience in the room. Promoting your event on the right channel, to the right people is key to event success. Whether you’re organising a webinar, a three-day conference or an international trade show, this guide will equip you with the tips and best practices you need to master event marketing on LinkedIn and convert your prospects into ticket buyers.

We’ll be covering:

  • Why LinkedIn should be a key platform in your B2B event marketing mix
  • Tips to find, engage and convert your audience into event attendees
  • Key insights to unlock the maximum potential of LinkedIn ads
  • How to map out the ultimate LinkedIn strategy to generate ticket sales and drive ROI

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