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A New Dawn: Meet the Future of UK Nightlife

A new documentary dissecting the state of the UK’s nightlife, presented by Eventbrite

Over the last few years, headlines have painted a gloomy picture for UK nightlife: Pubs are closing, over half of nightclubs have shut down since 2005, alcohol consumption continues to decline, and the number of Netflix subscriptions continues to skyrocket.

But isn’t nightlife about more than boozing and clubs?

We’ve travelled up and down the country to talk to event organisers and promoters about the state and the future of British nightlife. And we’ve distilled weeks of filming into a 20 minute film that identifies how nightlife is evolving, and the new driving forces behind the night-time economy. It looks at the challenges faced, and how the future generation of disruptors are ushering in a new era for nightlife.

Themes covered include shifting attitudes towards wellness; the impact of austerity; innovative use of spaces; the daytime event boom; politics and activism; and the diversification of nightlife beyond nightclubs.

Featuring leading figures spanning music, food, and comedy:

Alfresco Disco (Promoters, Bristol)

Dave Harvey (Team Love)

Ed Bartlam (Underbelly)

Elrow (Promoter)

John Burgess (The Mighty Hoopla / Field Day)

Jonathan Downey (Street Feast / London Union)

Kate Hutchinson (The Guardian)

London Warehouse Events

Mary Anne Hobbs (DJ, BBC 6 Music)

Morning Gloryville

Nikki Gordon (Ministry of Sound)

Oliver Keens (Time Out)

Partisan Collective (Arts collective, Manchester)

Roger Sanchez (DJ)


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