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Your Guide to Eventbrite’s Onsite Tech Solutions

The gates open.

Seconds later, eager festival-goers stream past check-in, last-minute buyers purchase tickets, and happy attendees join their friends inside the festival grounds.

And, once the event’s over, everyone flows easily through the exits and heads home.

It may look easy to attendees, but every seasoned organiser knows that smooth entry and exit is a huge accomplishment. To pull off the perfect festival, you need the right onsite support to get the job done.

Download the guide to discover Eventbrite’s turnkey solution for all of your onsite festival needs. You’ll find out how to:

  • Give your guests a flawless entry experience with reliable technology
  • Maximise your revenue with innovative and secure ways to accept sales onsite
  • Fulfil your onsite staffing needs with expert advice from our dedicated team

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