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Sustainability 101: The Guide To A Greener Conference

Most of us would like to reduce our impact on the environment, but it can feel difficult to make changes – even on an individual basis. If you are organising a big event like a conference or exhibition and must encourage hundreds or thousands of delegates to adopt sustainable practices, it’s especially daunting.

Although the challenge is bigger, the rewards are also greater – introducing a green initiative at a large event can dramatically lower its carbon footprint and really make a difference to the environment. It could be as simple as revising your food orders or researching more sustainable venues.

In this guide, we’ll give you practical ideas for making your event more sustainable, as well as some suggested resources to help put them into practice. Enter your details to download our Guide to a Greener Conference.


What’s inside?

  1. Climate Change – Understanding Your Conference’s Impact
  2. Transportation – Delegate Travel
  3. Venue – Sustainable Partners
  4. Food – Environmentally Conscious Catering
  5. Waste – Eliminating Single-Use Plastic
  6. Waste – Recycling & Composting
  7. Gifting – Eco-Friendly Swag
  8. Going Paperless – Digital Alternatives
  9. Next Steps – Certification

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