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The Complete Guide to Audience Engagement

For many event managers, audience engagement is the number one goal – because an event with no engagement won’t have a healthy future. But audience engagement is a complex topic, and you quickly realise it means a lot of different things to a lot of different people.

Does it mean how many questions were asked at a conference? Or how many Instagram pics were posted during a festival? Or how many stalls were visited at a consumer show? Or business cards exchanged at a networking evening?

To help clear things up, we’ve worked with 8 widely recognised experts in technology, event planning and experiential marketing to create a complete guide to audience engagement.

In this eBook, we’ll answer the big questions:

What is audience engagement?
Why does audience engagement matter?
How do you measure audience engagement?
How can organisers increase audience engagement?
What are some of the popular audience engagement tools?

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