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Quiz: What’s the Best Social Network for My Event?

The use of social media at an event is pivotal if you want to engage with your audience; whether they are physically at the event or digitally present.

A mistake people often make is trying to use every social network under the sun to promote their event or cover it on the day. This could be to try and attract younger audiences; to seem up-to-date and on-trend; or in an attempt to reach the widest audience possible.

If you have a big enough team to manage every social media channel going, and are able to make sure you are using each one in a relevant way, then by all means, carry on!

But most events will only have a small team dedicated to covering and promoting the event on social, and more often than not, most event formats will only suit one or two social media channels. Which begs the question: what’s the best social network for your event?

Quiz time! We’re here to show you which social media channel you should be using by looking at the elements of your event, such as your audience, the format of your event and other factors. We’ve based the quiz results on the Pew Research Centre’s Report, which provides detailed demographics of social media users, so the results are guided by quality data. That being said, results may not be 100% accurate, so always do your own independent research before dedicating all your resources to a single channel!

So if you’re asking yourself “What’s the best social network for my event?”, you’ve come to the right place!

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