The UK, as many countries around the world, is experiencing a cycling boom at a time when people shy away from public transport: Back in May, in the middle of the Covid-lockdown,  Boris Johnson predicted a “Golden Age of Cycling”, and just in September Halfords chief executive, Graham Stapleton, said bike sales had accelerated over the summer, with growth reaching 71% in August. On a heatmap of cycling activity by Strava, the UK are starting to look remarkably similar to the poster child for widespread cycling, the Netherlands.

It was only a matter of time before this renewed British love affair with bicycles would spill over into the events space. Digging into our data, we have found that the number of bike related events hosted on Eventbrite has exploded ever since the first socially distanced in-person events were allowed back in July: 

  • The number of bike related events on has doubled from July to August, and has grown more than four times (360%) from May to August. 
  • And this past September – despite the ongoing cooling effect of COVID on in-person events – Eventbrite has already hosted significantly more (>20%) bike events than in September of last year.

 From bike maintenance classes, cycle training to mountain excursions, there’s something for everyone, from the bike novice to the cycling connoisseur on the Eventbrite platform. In addition to this variety of bike-specific events, it will be interesting to see how planners of all kinds of other events will accommodate increasing numbers of attendees who arrive to their event location on bikes. 



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