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  • “We have been using Eventbrite to administer ticketing for the event since 2013. Prior to this, the team used different registration methods and also sold tickets through Runners World - meaning two sets of data. Now we have everything in one place and a truly integrated system which makes it simple to reconcile reports and revenue from event.” — DIRECTOR, Teach First Run The River

  • “We leverage Eventbrite’s data capture functions to help with marketing initiatives. We can search through many different filters such as customer email and customer birthdays. The system integrates with MailChimp and Facebook to make marketing campaigns and promotions quick and easy.” — EVENT & MARKETING MANAGER, Wright Venue

  • “We researched all the major ticketing providers but moved to Eventbrite as we were satisfied that this offered the best experience for our customers. Its e-commerce platform is simple, yet efficient.” — MARKETING DIRECTOR, Sony World Photography

  • “As we have multiple recurring events, Eventbrite has made it easy to allocate revenue from ticket sales of a specific event. Previously it was hard for Finance to reconcile the final amount, but now it’s simple to generate per event reports.” — BOX OFFICE MANAGER, The Royal Institution

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