Leave it to the singers and partygoers to throw their hands up in the air. Thanks to our newest partner, sli.do, Q&A at conferences and professional events can take place without lifting a hand. sli.do enables anybody to ask and vote for the best questions, which can be displayed live to the entire audience. Instant polls can be created on the spot and displayed live with results updated in real-time as participants send their votes.

By partnering with Eventbrite, sli.do has built an integration that allows you to instantly import your event details and launch interactive Q&A or Polls in seconds!

Login with Eventbrite

You can use your Eventbrite account to easily log in to sli.do with one-click.

Sync Event Details to sli.do

When creating your event on sli.do click Import to Eventbrite, and follow the authorisation request. 

Select the event that you would like to sync and your details from Eventbrite will be automatically pulled into sli.do!

Head over to the partner page to learn more!

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