In December we asked event industry leaders their predictions about the key event trends for 2015.

This month we asked more leading event professionals about their key goals for 2015 (we’d love to hear yours too – just share them in the comments).

We asked them all the same question: “What is the professional goal (or goals) you’ve set yourself for 2015?”

Read on to see if you share any of the same goals, or would like be inspired by what others are striving to achieve this year!

Dahlia El Gazzar, CEO and Founder, The Meeting Pool (@MeetingPool)

“My #1 Goal for 2015 is to continue to empower and enrich people’s minds and worlds with smart and practical apps and technologies that will continue to simplify their worlds. Everyone is juggling their professional and personal lives, and I want to help them do that. No more hair on fire in 2015. Let’s create short cuts with smart tech, and make people more comfortable with their mobile devices, Ultimately they can work remotely, deliver better results – your office could eventually be a beach in Mexico. Let’s do it!”

Marian Gazdik, Director Western Europe at Startup Grind and Virgin Startup Mentor (@startupgrindld) 

“Our ambition is to help every entrepreneur on the planet and setting annual goals will bring us closer to realising this ambition. In 2014 we hosted fireside chats with billionaire entrepreneurs, ‘Entrepreneurs of the Year’, Oscar winners and CEOs/founders of companies with hundreds of millions of customers. In 2015 we will keep the bar high. We host our annual conference in Feb with key players like founders of Twitter or Airbnb. On top of our extremely popular fireside chats 2015 will be the year when we start helping entrepreneurs with our mentorship program. Another goal for 2015 is to enable our global audience access to fireside chats with selected world-class speakers via online streaming. These are the key milestones we want to deliver in 2015.” 

Kt McPhee, Europe Regional Marketing Manager, Eventbrite (@ktmcphee)

“In 2015 I’m looking forward to mobilising Eventbrite’s consumer audience around the thousands of great event happening on our website every day. I’ll do this through curating and publishing content, and hosting unique events for our most frequent event attendees.”

Jasmine Eilfield, Director, ExpoCart (@ExpoCartUK)

Here’s a few of our professional goals from the team at ExpoCart…

1) We’re making it our job to engage more and more with our customers on social media platforms such as Twitter so we can share successes from their events and in addition we can understand more of their needs.

2) We’re sourcing more and more unique products & services that can help our customers make their exhibition stands or events stand out from the crowd. To start with, last year we launched the Pixapoint 360, UK’s only transparent & 360 degree digital display which people can hire out.

3) We’re aiming for 24/7 support through our LiveChat so that we can be on hand to support all of our new international customers.”

George Taylor, Director, CIU London (@CIULondon)

“I believe that 2015 is the year that live music becomes interactive and embraces technology, and my goal is to be the person that creates that change with a new type of engaging concert.

Live music doesn’t have to follow the same old format any more. Crowd funding and technology is the future, and it is my goal is to be the person that takes live music to the next level, and I will make it my primary business goal to do so!”

Sinead Koehler, Founder, Crafty Fox Market (@CraftyFoxMarket)

I plan to grow Crafty Fox Market this year by working with freelancers to increase our capacity and provide more opportunities for our community of designer/makers and artists to sell their work. Christmas is our busiest time of year so we are already thinking about the projects we would like to run this year. We hope to take on a pop-up shop alongside our existing series of London markets.”

Mark Williamson, Director, Action for Happiness (@ActionHappiness)

“My central goal for 2015 is simply to keep encouraging action for a happier and more caring society.”

Bethany Winning, Event Manager, Design Council (@bethanywinning)

One of my goals, in 2015 as in previous years, is to make sure that I engage female speakers at my events, ideally 50%. This is going to be particularly challenging whilst planning our summit on manufacturing in June – the manufacturing sector is notoriously dominated by men, but I know there must be women out there who have something interesting and relevant to share on the topic.”

Liz Elfman, London Marketing Director, General Assembly (@lizelfman)

“Overcome my fear of public speaking!”

Nima Kafai, Head of Events & Marketing, (@Smarta)

“In 2015 I aim to reduce stress and live a happier life by being more thankful. I want to write down at least one thing each day that I am grateful for, as I believe that this will inevitably help me focus on the positive things even when times are tough!

This will be key in reducing the pressures of the everyday hustle and bustle in my professional life whilst also therefore helping to increase productivity.”

Samantha Hornsby, Event Director, Creative Bytes (@_creativebytes)

Network more. Networking has always been key in my plan to build a business and I’m trying to step it up a notch this year. I want to meet at least one new person every day if I can.”

Irina Trofimovskaya, Owner, The MICE Blog (@TheMiceBlog)

“As a blogger, my professional goal is to share my knowledge about blogging and social media for events at conferences and exhibitions.”

What are your goals for 2015? Can Eventbrite help you achieve them? Let us know in the comments below!

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