Watch our live panel discussion on how event creators are navigating the safe return to in-person events.

About this Event

Hear more about how event creators are planning the return to in-person events across the UK.

With restrictions set to ease across the UK over the coming weeks, we will hear from James Harding of BeerFest Australia about their return to running live events, alongside Craig Mathie of Bournemouth 7s Festival and Wendy Cummins of Radiate Windrush Festival who are about to embark on the same journey in the UK.

Our panel will aim to answer the top questions UK creators have as they plan for a return to live events this summer, giving tips and advice on how to run safe events in this new world.

Our panel will cover:

  • How the COVID-19 pandemic affected their events and how they weathered the storm to keep their business afloat
  • Their planned return to in-person events and the changes they will have to make to their event formats
  • New policies and procedures they are implementing for attendee safety
  • How they see the COVID-safe future of events

Watch the recording below


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