You spend countless hours reaching potential attendees and attracting them to visit your event site. You promote on all of your social channels, spend money on paid ads, and optimise your search rankings — all to get them to learn more about your event and, eventually, purchase a ticket.

Once someone has decided to buy, don’t let a frustrating purchase process make them second guess. Studies have shown that each step in the checkout or registration process will lead to a 10% reduction in transactions. Make your purchase process easy by reducing the number of steps to checkout.

Convert interested website visitors into ticket-buyers with Eventbrite’s seamless, mobile-friendly checkout directly embedded on your site. No more redirecting fans to a separate website to select tickets and complete their purchase.

Learn how Eventbrite can help you:

  • Turn website traffic into sales
  • Create a call-to-action on your site
  • Customise the ticket-buying experience
  • Sell in more places than ever before

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