Ramblin’ Man Fair grows by 30% after switching to Eventbrite

Tell us about your event. How did it get started? Who is it aimed at? How much has it grown since inception?

Now in its third year, Ramblin’ Man Fair is a boutique rock music festival.  As well as showcasing an array of great musical talent, old and new, we offer punters a selection of high quality food and drinks, including a delectable selection of bourbons.

Headliners of previous and upcoming events include ZZ Top; Whitesnake; Thin Lizzy; Europe and Extreme.

Ramblin Man is aimed at slightly older rock fans and their families, who want to enjoy great music and a good atmosphere.

The first Ramblin Man took place in 2015 and has grown by over 30% in its third year.

Why did you choose to move your ticketing over to Eventbrite?

We value the data that we get as default with Eventbrite as it enables us to make responsive decisions, and the fact this is accessible on the Organizer app allows us to access it wherever we are.  The post event feedback is also essential for helping us build on fans’ experiences year after year.

It’s also easy to use which saves time for the team managing the events – and works well for our customers, who need a system they can understand.

The onsite experience provided by Eventbrite was a key motivation for switching. We need a system that can get people through the gates quickly and efficiently onsite, and scan tickets from other providers.

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What challenge(s) has it helped you solve?

We are able to tailor our marketing efforts a lot more accurately with the data that we get from Eventbrite.

The onsite setup also enables us to run a smooth and hassle free check in for punters when they arrive at our event. This is critical to create a good impression and ensure their festival gets off to a good start.

Are you able to share any numbers that show how it’s helped?

The first Ramblin’ Man took place in 2015 and has grown by over 30% in its third year.  Onsite, using Eventbrite’s solution has helped dramatically reduce check-in times.  

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