Because events are inherently social, it makes sense to focus a core part of your promotional activities on Facebook. More than 1 billion people log into Facebook daily – it has more active users than Twitter, Instagram and WhatsApp combined!

Facebook integration has always been an important part of Eventbrite’s offering (we were the first partner to integrate with Facebook’s Events API). And now we will be building on that partnership to offer users the opportunity to purchase event tickets without having to leave Facebook.

What’s more, event attendees will be able to access their digital tickets with a QR code from within the Facebook app. The developments aim to reduce friction for consumers and increase conversion for event organisers.

The functionality will be piloted in the US soon. In the meantime, you can use our Eventbistro app to put a ticketing widget on your Facebook fan page. Read on to find out more.

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How to integrate your Eventbrite event with Facebook

In order to benefit from the massive social reach of Facebook for marketing your event, the first thing you need to do is publish your event to Facebook – we recommend you publish using our tool to create a Facebook Official Event.

You can find out how to do it here.

Facebook Official Events are more likely to show up on search and News Feed recommendations because they contain important details like event date, time, venue, and a link to buy tickets, sent directly from the ticketing partner to Facebook. This means your event can get in front of more people, and help you boost your event registration.

Once your event is published to Facebook, this will open up your options for promoting the event (you’ll need one for Facebook advertising, for example). Users who visit your event page will be able to see who else has signed up to go – and whether any of those people are their friends.

People are much more likely to want to attend an event their friends are already going to, so this is a valuable marketing tool. In addition, they have the ability to invite friends to the event simply by ‘adding’ them on the event page.

Eventbrite makes it easy to publish your event to Facebook

Once a Facebook user invites a friend to an event, it automatically appears in that person’s ‘Calendar’ and ‘Upcoming Events’ section, regardless of whether they have signed up to attend.

Another benefit of listing your event on Facebook is that it will also appear in the ‘Events Happening This Week’ and ‘Popular Events Nearby’ sections of users who live in the region where your event is being held. This opens up your organic reach beyond those who have already shown interest in your event.

Order a serving of success at Eventbistro

Facebook Pages by Eventbistro makes it simple to promote your event on your Facebook fan page, which is especially good news if your business already has a following.

Simply go to the Eventbistro website and connect your Eventbrite and Facebook accounts. There are two types of widgets available – Ticketing (for a single event) or Upcoming Events (for multiple events).

Both widgets come complete with a ‘Tickets’ tab that will appear at the top of the page.

Although users will be directed through to your Eventbrite page to complete the purchase of tickets, it gives you the ability to display the different ticket types and prices and allows buyers to start the purchase process directly from Facebook. Being able to select tickets from your page acts as a clear call to action for users.

The Eventbistro ticketing widget lets you embed your event box office

If you are hosting more than one event you can display them all on your page by selecting the ‘Upcoming Event’ widget. Eventbistro will publish them in an ‘Upcoming Event’ section that runs down the left side of your page, and under the ‘Events’ tab at the top of the page.

Display all of your upcoming events on Facebook with Eventbistro’s widget

If you choose the Upcoming Events widget, users will still be able to commence the purchase of tickets from the ‘Tickets’ section of your fan page. Clicking the ‘Buy Tickets’ buttons will direct them to the relevant event pages on Eventbrite where they will be able to view the options available.

Facebook users can start the purchase process from your fan page, even for multiple events

Meanwhile, Eventbistro lets you share your event to any pages you have admin access to – don’t forget to pin the post to the top to get maximum exposure.

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With more than 1.5 billion users logging on each month, it’s clear your audience is already on Facebook, so don’t make them come to you – take your event box office to them and see your ticket sales explode!

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