We process hundreds of thousands of event searches on Eventbrite every week. Today, we are taking a deep dive into which events UK consumers have searched for over the past seven days (September 18-25, 2020).

Outdoor Cinema

Across the whole of the UK, outdoor cinemas remain the most in-demand event on Eventbrite, accounting for 24% of all searches nationwide. This figure climbs to 62% for events in Birmingham, and drops to 10% in Manchester.


The share of people turning to Eventbrite for event inspiration for Halloween continues to climb, and made up 12% of all searches on the platform this week. Manchester once again has one of the highest share of Halloween related searches in the UK, with 38% looking for haunted houses, ghost tours, Halloween parties, etc.

Black History Month (London)

While Rave parties once again top the search charts for London with 12% of all searches (reminder: we will not hesitate to remove events from our platform which blatantly breach government guidelines), there is also increased interest in events surrounding Black History Month in the capital (11% of searches).

All top searches

UK Overall

Outdoor cinema 24%
Halloween 11%
Dance/rave party 3%


Dance/rave party 12%
Black History Month 11%
Halloween 9%


Outdoor cinema 62%
Brunch 7%
Vintage kilo sale 5%


Halloween 38%
Outdoor cinema 10%
Drag 10%

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