As various regions of the UK progress further into lockdown, it can be difficult to stay positive and motivated, especially when you’re unable to see friends and family members. But it is important that mental health stays at the forefront of everyone’s minds during these uncertain times.

One way to fight isolation and to maintain a healthy attitude is to join online mental health events where you can gather virtually and safely with others. And looking at data trends on Eventbrite UK, it certainly seems like the demand for virtual mental-wellbeing is closely linked to national periods of lockdown.

Mental health event trends during lockdown

Before lockdown, in January and February, Eventbrite issued just a few hundred tickets to online events around mental health. Fast forward to May, the middle of the UK’s first lockdown – when many felt that the walls were creeping in on them – and this number had climbed to more than 30,000. Come August, when meeting friends and family was normal again, far fewer people – less than 10,000 – got tickets to online events around mental health.

As we know today, this relief was not to last, and as fears of a second Covid-19 wave and a second lockdown loomed heavy, more and more people also got tickets to virtual mental health events: This past October, we once again issued more than 30,000 tickets to these events, and this numbers are trending upwards for a lockdown November.

There are hundreds of British online mental health events available on Eventbrite, and many more from around the world. Many of these are accessible and free to anyone from anywhere with an internet connection – including mental health workshops, weekly mindfulness sessions, and yoga to promote mental well-being.

It is important as ever to ensure we protect our mental health now we’re in a second lockdown, and event creators on Eventbrite are here to help.

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