When February comes around, one thing is clear: love is very much in the air. What better way to capture that feeling than by organising a themed event? There are so many great Valentine’s Day event ideas to be inspired by – from playing Cupid for singles to offering unexpected dates to existing couples. Whether you’re brainstorming Valentine’s Day corporate event ideas or ways to bring your community closer together, there are plenty of things you can do to get your attendees in the mood for love.

1. Romantic film screening

A romantic film is perfect for date night. When choosing a venue, think about size, location, and accessibility. Figure out what size of screen you need and if you have to source it separately. Comfortable seating makes all the difference and Valentine’s themed decorations like hearts and roses will help set the tone.
When you’re trying to make your event extra special, it’s easy to overlook the fundamentals, but choosing the right film is a must. Think about your potential audience and be sensitive to what your guests want. For instance, a younger audience might prefer a modern love story, while an older audience might like one of the classics.
St Luke’s Bombed Out Church, for example, is screening Pride to celebrate Valentine’s and LGBT+ History Month “in the heart of Liverpool within a charming setting, tucked under a blanket”.

2. Valentine’s craft workshop

Giving gifts is a way to show love, and making that present yourself is even better. Thinking of Valentine’s Day event ideas for couples? Host a craft session where people can get those creative juices flowing. The classics like life-drawing or pottery are fun, but how about hosting a chocolate or jewellery-making workshop? Singles can get involved, too a craft event is a great way to meet new people and break the ice.
Your craft event theme can be as easy or ambitious as you – or your attendees – would like. For instance, a card-making workshop uses simple supplies, so it doesn’t need to be high-tech or expensive, and it can be done at home by your virtual audience too. Hogarth’s House hosts a Valentine’s Day-themed workshop where attendees can learn about the art of printmaking and design a unique card for someone special. Artist Irene Caboni, on the other hand, offers a professionally led Valentine’s Day workshop called ‘You Give Me Butterflies’. In a party setting, attendees are shown step-by-step how to create their own painting from start to finish.

3. Tasting experience

As Valentine’s Day event themes go, loves fits hand in hand with food and drink. Companies like SpeedDater run wine-tasting events to celebrate the holiday, while food stylist and chef Lola Brandelli provides an impressive 10-course dining experience. Whether it’s a curry night or a chance to dress up and sample canapés, the key is to know your audience and its needs.
To be a success, use high-quality products and trusted suppliers. If your audience has specific preferences, such as vegan foods or non-alcoholic drinks, get that covered so everyone feels included. It’s important to bear in mind that your virtual guests will need time to prepare so send out any samples, products, and recipes before your event.

4. Live performance

Since a live performance is such a quintessential setting for romance, you need to know who you’re looking to bring in; First-daters? Cosy couples? Long-term partners? Focus on one or two compatible demographics to avoid spreading your appeal too thinly.
A comedy night helps your guests see the funny side of love. With the theme of romance promising a feast of funny material, Social Global Caribbean Entertainment hosts the ‘Dating and Relationship Therapy Comedy Show’ – a performance about the world of dating both on and offline. If you’re opting for comedy, remember to check out the comedians beforehand and make sure you’re setting the tone appropriately.
As the name would suggest, live performances are also suited to livestreaming. With a well-planned audiovisual setup, you can attract a new audience of homebound lovebirds and sell beyond your venue’s physical capacity.

5. Masquerade ball

Give couples – or even singles – the opportunity to experience an extra touch of intrigue with a masquerade ball. As the host, you can make the event as elaborate or as casual as you want be guided by your budget and your audience. Choosing a theme helps focus your plans, then carry it through invites, decorations, and even food and drink.
Why not offer prizes like the best mask or the best costume? Treasure hunts, party games, and photo booths all add to the fun. Check out Across The Room’s The Biggest Singles Valentines Black Tie Ball or New Year’s Eve London’s Masquerade Gala Dinner for inspiration.
6. Pop-up restaurant
Valentine’s Day is one of the busiest nights of the year for eating, so get in on the act by setting up a pop-up restaurant. To make your event stand out, serve up a unique offering. Hanwell Wine Estate runs a pop-up event featuring tasty vegan dishes from Lady Bay Café, served with complementary wines. If you’re not already set up fully as a restaurateur, don’t worry; as long as your guests bring their own drinks, you don’t need an alcohol licence.
The intimate and temporary nature of your pop-up restaurant makes your event feel more exclusive, but you can involve virtual guests via deliveries if you want to extend your reach.
Remember: keeping everyone safe by following COVID-19 safety precautions lets your guests focus on enjoying the food and spending time with one another.

7. Valentine’s music event

From headbangers to hip-hoppers, and disco divas to opera enthusiasts, music unites. Gigs, club nights, live bands, and classical concerts – choose a genre and event format that stands out to your desired audience and you can make their Valentine’s experience one to remember.
Music events give you plenty of scope to get creative: Party People’Z Production hosts ‘Valentines Luv Affair’, a reggae and soul night aimed at mature ravers. Has your audience missed clubbing? Clubmixed presents ‘GO CLUBBING’, a virtual reality nightclub that runs 24/7.

8. Anti-Valentine’s events

Not everyone is looking for love, but that shouldn’t stop the party. Why not turn Valentine’s Day on its head and host an anti-Valentine’s event? Happily single, making a fresh start, or just overwhelmed by the hype – lots of people welcome an alternative spin on the most romantic day of the year.
When planning your anti-Valentine’s theme, keep it positive and upbeat. For example, Smudged Lipstick Events hosts an open mic night entitled ‘Color Me Badd Dates’, where guests share their worst dating fails.

9. Singles event

The big day isn’t just for couples, so don’t forget Valentine’s Day event ideas for singles who want to find love or even just new friends.
Your guests might identify with a particular group based on factors like gender identity, sexuality, ethnicity, or religious beliefs, so you could create an event that specifically resonates with them. For example, SingleBlackDating hosts relaxed meet-ups aimed at single Black professionals.
You could even explore specific interests and foster some community along with romance. Smudged Lipstick Events offers Cards Against Humanity, Dirty Scrabble, and even Jenga Dating, where “blocks will contain great ice-breaking questions and hilarious dares to make the evening a little more interesting”.

10. Valentine’s dancing

Dancing is a great excuse to get up close and personal with a partner. You could base your event around a style of dancing like Latin or ballroom, Northern Soul, or ballet, and embrace the whole theme. Include your virtual guests by posting dance routines, menus, or costume ideas before your event.
Partnering with a local dance school or running dance classes and workshops are great ideas. Keep in mind that more experienced dancers like to dance with people of a similar standard. Eventbrite has a range of tools that can help gauge the skill levels of your attendees and better promote your event.
When hosting an in-person or hybrid event, the atmosphere is everything, so find a venue with a good dance floor, sound system, and lighting. Encourage your virtual guests to clear a space in the living room, hit the mood lighting, and strut their stuff. ‘Murder on the Dancefloor‘ or ‘Two Steps to the Bedroom’? Your event will get people dancing the night away.
There are plenty of Valentine’s Day event ideas to woo your crowd and playing Cupid means you get to have as much fun as your guests. Sign up to Eventbrite now and learn how we can help you host the perfect Valentine’s Day event.
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