World Dodgeball Association Switches to Eventbrite to Improve Onsite Experience

We chatted to Tom Hickson, President of World Dodgeball Association to find out more about the wonderful world of dodgeball and why Eventbrite was his ticketing provider of choice.

Tell us about your event. How did it get started? Who is it aimed at? How much has it grown since inception?

The European Championships is one the most iconic events within the World of Dodgeball. As the first ever high performance continental championships of its kind, the European Championships started in London, 2010. The event is specifically for all European National Federations International Squads of men’s, women’s and mixed disciplines.

Why did you choose to move your ticketing over to Eventbrite?

Eventbrite has a profound and successful track record as an event ticketing management agent. Therefore is was a very easy decision for the World Dodgeball Association to enter into a global partnership with Eventbrite.

It’s also easy to use which saves time for the operations team managing the events – and works well for our customers, who need a system they can understand.

The onsite experience provided by Eventbrite was a key motivation for switching. We need a system that can get people through the gates quickly and efficiently onsite, and scan tickets from other providers.

What challenge(s) has it helped you solve?

Eventbrite has provided a singular platform for the management of ticketing all of the World Dodgeball Association’s major events.

The onsite setup also enables us to run a smooth and hassle free check in for punters when they arrive at our event. This is critical to create a good impression and ensure their festival gets off to a good start.

What are your future plans?

Our future event plans are focused on expanding the World Dodgeball Association’s major events portfolio into territories across the World to support the continuous growth of Dodgeball.

What’s one piece of advice you’d give to a new event organiser? 

Before setting the date of your event complete your business plan and milestones, secure credible organisational partners and factor in contingencies at every stage, then set your event date.

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