Aquatic Macroecology
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Aquatic Macroecology

Aquatic Macroecology

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Date and Time

Charles Darwin House

12 Roger Street

London, United Kingdom

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The main focus of this meeting is to foster the integration of macroecological approaches into the study of aquatic ecosystems. Most predictions about how aquatic systems respond to environmental change require a deep understanding of patterns and processes at different scales. A great deal of what is known about the key processes operating in aquatic systems arises from small-scale empirical and/or experimental studies. The growing interest in integrating macroecological approaches to advance our knowledge about aquatic systems makes this an emerging and exciting topic.

Keynote Speakers: Florian Altermatt (Univ. Zurich/Eawag - Switzerland), Miguel Araújo (CSIC – Spain), Amanda Bates (Univ. Southampton), Julia Blanchard (Univ. Tasmania - Australia), Mike Burrows (SAMS – UK), William Cheung (Univ. British Columbia - Canada), Maria Dornelas (Univ. St Andrews – UK), Michel Loreau (CNRS – France) and Luc De Meester (Univ. Leuven – Belgium).

There will be a panel discussion after the talks followed by a poster session and a social event to provide networking opportunities.

Poster session: All attendees are encouraged to present posters (particularly students and early-career researchers) which will all be on display throughout the entire day. There will also be the opportunity to give a brief “highlight talk” on each poster during a poster presentation slot that will take place in the afternoon. Delegates will have 2-3 minutes to give a brief overview and there will be time after for discussions afterwards. It is in an informal setting and doesn’t matter what stage you are at within your research, posters about planned/future studies are welcome and subsequent discussion may be useful in strengthening these ideas. 

Please send us (see email below) a title for your poster, and a list of authors and affiliations no later than the 16th September. We request that posters are printed as A0, however we appreciate that some delegates may be recycling (from past / future meetings), so should bring it in whatever size they already have it in, as we are not limited with space at the venue.

Contact personMiguel Matias (

Organizing committee:

Miguel Matias (Imperial College London), Guy Woodward (Imperial College London), Rebecca Kordas (Imperial College London), Nessa O’Connor (Queen's University Belfast), Lee Brown (University of Leeds, UK), Jose Montoya (CNRS, France).

Meeting supported by:

BES - British Ecological Society

BESAG - Aquatic Ecology Special Interest group

BESMacro - Macroecology Special Interest group

MERP - Marine Ecosystems Research Programme

  • Florian Altermatt

    Florian Altermatt

    Univ. Zurich/Eawag - Switzerland

    Diversity and dispersal in riverine networks

  • Miguel Araújo

    Miguel Araújo

    CSIC - Spain

    Challenges to modelling climate change effects on aquatic biodiversity: insights from a terrestrial ecologist

  • Amanda Bates

    Amanda Bates

    Univ. Southampton

    Environmental variability, physiological tolerance, and biodiversity in an era of global change

  • Julia Blanchard

    Julia Blanchard

    Univ. Tasmania - Australia

    Quantitative marine community, ecosystem and fisheries ecology

  • Michael Burrows

    Michael Burrows

    The Scottish Association for Marine Science

    Climate change impacts, things moving around and stuff

  • William Cheung

    William Cheung

    Nippon Foundation-Neresus Program, Institute for the Oceans and Fisheries, The University of British Columbia

    Applying macroecology to project future marine ecosystems under climate change

  • Maria Dornelas

    Maria Dornelas

    Univ. St Andrews

    A roadmap to the “Macroscope”

  • Michel Loreau

    Michel Loreau

    CNRS – France

    Biodiversity and ecosystem stability across scales

  • Luc De Meester

    Luc De Meester

    Univ. Leuven – Belgium

    Evolution-mediated priority effects and distribution patterns from the landscape to the globe

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Date and Time

Charles Darwin House

12 Roger Street

London, United Kingdom

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