Empathy Injection
Empathy Injection

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Empathy Injection

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Coffee Cake & Kisses

54 Warren Street



United Kingdom

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Sliding Scale of payment: £20- 50 ON THE DOOR (Cash or card) and Price includes Food (light snack or cake) and a Drink. PLEASE RESERVE YOUR PLACE HERE. (please see note about pricing below)

This month, we will put the focus on expressing yourself …. With what can be described as Scary Honesty … expressing yourself when you are scared about how what you are saying will land with the other person. This can help you move towards having the real conversations you need to have in your life, so you can act sooner to end frustration. So often the things we are worried about saying, never get said.

We will also practice being on the receiving end of things that are hard to hear, and maintaining a connection to our feelings rather than getting defensive or attacking.

Communication for challenging times.

As always, each session is stand alone, so you don’t need to have come before to enjoy the session, although it’s always wonderful to have people back month after month and a lovely community is emerging through these workshops.

So come along and get your regular shot of empathy!


“Have you ever had the experience when someone totally gets you, and you feel safe, energised and grateful for being understood?

This is EMPATHY affecting your nervous system, coursing through your body.

It’s caused by someone seeing and acknowledging your reality. You can achieve it again and again through certain strategies of listening and presence.

It’s game-changing.

That’s the ‘Empathy injection’.”

With Empathy Injection you can:

  • Experience feeling understood and energised.
  • Understand your relationship dynamics
  • Clear the things that are blocking action
  • Discover a wealth of options
  • Become a more creative thinker

Topics include:

  • Flirting with Heart (as if you had no fear!)
  • The neuroscience of empathy
  • Scary honesty
  • Tools for tense situations
  • Mastering the art of losing
  • Understanding jealousy
  • Celebrations: the superglue of relationships

See me talk about Empathy Injection here. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=alKFYTg2DmU

This is not a lecture, come and interact! Sessions will involve empathic listening and you will come away feeling all zingy and zesty from having a boosting dose of empathy that will support you in your daily life.

Come and get your regular dose of empathy.

Important Information about Cost:

I am proposing a sliding scale from £20-£50 including food and drink, increasing from the previous lower end of £15, as I currently not covering costs. I do this mindfully, that £20 may not be affordable for some. If it is not for you, please get in touch and we can talk about ways for you to access the workshops, which also support me and my needs for sustainability. I don't want money to be the reason for you to stay at home.

You can also support ongoing sustainability of this workshop simply by coming and by committing to coming. I don't cover costs with 15 people in the workshop, but with 20 or so people paying £20+ I do. Simply by coming, you are supporting this initiative to continue and grow.

At the beginning of this adventure i decided to drop Pre-payment as a strategy as as I found Eventbrite charges quite high (£2,£3+ depending on what you paid). I would rather see this money reinvested in our local economy and supporting social change. And it also gives you, the participant flexibility and increased freedom over how you spend your money.

More info: www.ceribuckmaster.co.uk

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Coffee Cake & Kisses

54 Warren Street



United Kingdom

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