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Integrated Alpha - Men's Personal Development Bootcamp

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In the 21st Century, the modern alpha male must face and master three key areas if he is to live a wholesome and fulfilling life:

  • FCK - Feeling into one's self, Connecting with others, Kindling attraction

  • FIGHT - Self-protection and boundaries

  • FORAGE - Business, sales and leadership skills

Due to social conditioning, however, many of us grow up to be good little boys, afraid to speak our truth and end up lacking in these areas. As a result, we have "Mr Nice Guy" syndrome, heartbreak, financial insecurity, work-life imbalance, burnout, depression, eating disorders- to name a few.

This 3-day intensive bootcamp is the solution to the crisis and will restore healthy masculinity and save you years of studying and pain, drawing on the host's combined 30+ year experience of personal development.

We will be training the body and mind, both of which are key to unlocking your full masculinity. This bootcamp will be run by Self-Defence Instructor and Ex-Soldier Sharif Joynson and Accredited Life Coach Nick Hatter, who has coached musicians, actors, CEOs and ex-military.

Day 1: FCK.

On Day 1, you will learn:

  • Dating and Relationship Mastery

  • Self-worth

  • Confidence

  • Social skills

  • Polarity - harnessing masculine energy

  • Challenging limiting beliefs around women and sexual shame

  • Effortless attraction without using pickup techniques

  • Moving above and beyond Game

Day 2: FIGHT.

On Day 2, you will learn:

  • Personal boundaries

  • Speaking your truth fearlessly

  • Tapping into the inner caveman

  • Challenging conditioning to be 'good boy'

  • Overcoming fear of confrontation

  • Effective fighting skills

  • Psychological preparation for conflict

  • Nervous system retraining from flight/freeze to fight

  • OP.3 Self-defence System

  • Dealing with high threat scenarios

  • Treating gunshot and knife wounds

Day 3: FORAGE.

On Day 3, you will learn:

  • Abundance mentality vs scarcity

  • Selling skills

  • Financial intelligence

  • Providing value

  • Finding and living your reason for being ("Ikigai")

  • How and why to stop grinding and work smarter

  • Launching a new business the right way

  • How to create more free time

Note - the organisers reserve the right to change the final location and date of the event. Refunds are entirely at the organiser's own discretion.

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United Kingdom

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