Line and Wash Workshop with John Harrison

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Calder Art

34 Byram Arcade

Westgate Road



United Kingdom

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John Harrison will introduce with some drawing exercises using a waterproof pen, with the aim of familiarisation in working with ink lines straight away. These will take the form of simple buildings, using basic perspective and hatching techniques to represent tonal value.

Attendees will then move onto a line and wash exercise, using various watercolour techniques in the context of a line drawing.

Following this, John will demonstrate his style of working, incorporating the exercise techniques and then for the afternoon session, there will be a wide selection of reference photographs to choose from so everyone can pick something they’re comfortable with drawing. During this session, John will move from person to person, offering advice, hints and tips where appropriate to help each individual where necessary.

About the Artist

John Harrison - Yorkshire born and bred - and proud of it.

John produces drawings and then adds colour in the form of watercolour washes, not too dissimilar to a traditional painter. He will often start with a pencil drawing, add watercolour washes, then add ink lines over the top, but usually starts with a line drawing in ink, or more often, a sketch.

He is an active Urban Sketcher - meeting up with other artists at a wide variety of locations to ‘show the world, one drawing at a time’ (a direct quote from the Urban Sketchers’ website).

The inspiration for much of his work is to be found within Yorkshire’s borders, and running a close second, the English Lake District: townscapes, landscapes (as long as there’s a building of some sort!), walls, hamlets, villages, ports and harbours as his main subjects. He's always looking for a different viewpoint of familiar places – a dynamic angle, with strong light and shade, which helps the drawing come alive.

He constantly strives to keep the loose, spontaneous nature of a sketch in all his work.

Materials Provided

Calder Art will provide the following materials for the workshop:

1 x Table Top Easel

1 x MDF Board in various sizes

1 x Paint Pot

1 x Palette or Plate

Masking Tape and other sundry products are also available.

Materials to Bring

A waterproof ink pen, such as the UniPin, in a fine nib size. My preferred is a 0.1, with 0.2, 0.3 used for emphasis and contrast.

Pencils –the softer the better: 2B ,3B or 4B

Watercolour paints: either tubes or pans, and a range of colours. I tend to use a limited palette of colours: cobalt blue, ultramarine, yellow ochre, cadmium yellow, alazirin Crimson and Paynes grey are the main ones.

Brushes. Watercolour brushes of decent quality, and larger sizes –a size 10,12 or 14 would be good. I use a range of squirrel mop brushes for their versatility, but any good round brushes will do.

Watercolour paper: the heavier the weight the better. I use a minimum of 300g Saunders Waterford in a rough finish, which helps enormously with the brush effects I use in my work.

All materials are available to purchase from Calder Graphics if needed.

Course Details

Minimum numbers apply for courses to run. Payment is due in full at the time of booking, either through the shop, phone or online. All sales are final unless transferring to another class in which a difference in price will be paid. Full refunds will be given if the courses cannot take place. If you cannot make the classes for any reason no refunds will be given.

You can book by calling us on our telephone number 01484 422991 or visit in store.

We also have an online booking option through our Facebook site:


This will also give you a breakdown of details of the class and times to attend.

If you have any issues booking online please give the shop a call and we will endeavour to sort this out over the phone.

Refreshments are available all day (tea, coffee, biscuits etc.) and there will be a lunch break of approximately one hour. Unfortunately the Blue Rooms Cafe is in the process of opening under new management so in the meantime local shops and cafes in the area are available and within close walking distance to the arcade. Alternatively you may bring your own lunch.

The nearest car park available to the venue is the multi-storey next to Huddersfield bus station. All details are found on the link below. The cost of the car park is £2.00 for 3 hours (all levels) or £4.00 for 10 hours (upper two levels only


Our venue is also a 2 minute walk from both the main bus and train stations.


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Date and Time


Calder Art

34 Byram Arcade

Westgate Road



United Kingdom

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