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Get in front of more people where they spend the most time online —and convert them faster with the simplest checkout

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    Turn more browsers into attendees with a native checkout on Facebook and more

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    Engage the people most likely to attend your event when they’re most likely to buy

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    Save time by adding your event to 50+ sites and apps in just one click

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Double sales and registrations with a native checkout on Facebook and more

Let people complete their Eventbrite purchase where they discover your event — without being redirected back to

Reduce drop-off and abandoned checkouts, especially on mobile

Give attendees immediate access to a ticket barcode in-app for speedier entry

Want to turn more interest into sales on Facebook, Bandsintown, and more?

Events that let people complete their Eventbrite purchase on our partners’ sites and apps drive 2X more sales and free registrations on average than events that redirect to a ticketing page.

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Engage the people most likely to attend your event when they’re most likely to buy

Target people based on their interests with our partners’ unique recommendation algorithms, like Spotify’s Discover Weekly

Catch people when they’re in a buying mentality, like searching for things to do on Google, thanks to Eventbrite’s industry leading SEO score

Rally locals on neighborhood sites, where they go to find events in town — like Bandsintown, Eventful, and the other 100+ local sites

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Get the word out on the world’s most trafficked sites and apps

Tap into millions where they spend over half of their time online, like Facebook, Instagram, Google, and more

Rely on us to partner with the sites and apps that reach the most people

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Publish your event to Eventbrite — and let us do the rest

Don’t waste time reentering information — let our partners automatically import your event details

Sync event and ticket details on our partners’ sites simply by changing your Eventbrite listing.

Track sales from our partners on your Eventbrite dashboard and automatically store attendee information

Eventbrite’s latest, deep integration with Facebook takes things to the next level. It brings our box office to our fans on Facebook, rather than the other way around. We want attending WOMAD to be easy and what could be easier than getting your ticket on Facebook with three taps?”

— Chris Smith, Director at WOMAD Festival

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“The new “Events by Facebook” facility (...) is meant to be an easier way for the social network’s 32m British users to purchase tickets, bypassing multiple webpages that often frustrate buyers."

– The Daily Telegraph

"Buying tickets on Facebook, without ever leaving the app, is a much more intuitive, faster way to get into your favourite event."

– Music Week

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