The Best Platform to Make Your Own Tickets

The Best Platform to Make Your Own Tickets

Eventbrite’s free, easy-to-use ticketing platform provides you with the built-in tools, templates, and technology to create event tickets that make a lasting impression.

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Easily create event tickets with a suite of self-service solutions

Eventbrite gives event creators a world-class suite of products that enable the seamless creation, management, and sale of custom printable event tickets.

If you’re new to event planning, or a seasoned event pro, you’re in good hands with the long-established go-to platform used by the world’s most successful event creators.

Easily create event tickets with a suite of self-service solutionscustom play button

Leverage add-on ticket solutions to drive engagement and boost attendance

Eventbrite’s self-service tools and advanced event management technology make it the best platform to make your own tickets for your next music concert, corporate conference, or movie premieres in minutes.

Effortlessly learn how to create tickets that your attendees love, drive demand and FOMO with our all-in-one digital marketing platform – Eventbrite Boost – and secure the registrations to exceed your sales goals.



Diversify your ticket offerings and pricing strategies

Create tickets featuring discount levels with unique promo codes. Offer different tiered ticket types, RSVP invitations, or special access VIP ticket packages to add value and help increase registrations numbers, ticket sales, attendance, and repeat business.

You can also use our Seating Chart Maker tool to assign specific seats to your attendees at reserved seating events, such as music concerts or reserved seating at tables for a gala dinner.



Effortlessly create beautifully designed custom event tickets

Take your ticketing to the next level with custom-designed printable event tickets that leave a lasting impression – before your event even begins.

Create event tickets that are eye-catching with Eventbrite’s ticket printing partner solution,, utilising nearly 100 different design templates to level up your look.



Digitise and streamline the end-to-end event ticketing experience

Eventbrite’s digital ticketing solutions make it easy for your attendees to navigate your on your free event website, registration and checkout flow, and seamlessly access their digital event ticket on their computer or smart device.

Extend your guests’ seamless event experience with expedited entry and via a quick scan of the QR code or barcode at the door. Customised tickets are synced with your unique event on the backend and present an effective method to validate authenticity at check-in using the Eventbrite Organiser app.

Event ticketing software that works with your budget

Get started for free and avoid ticketing fees by passing them to attendees.


The basics you need to start selling tickets in minutes.


The full set of tools you need to create, manage, and grow your events.


Tailored partnerships for event pros with large or complex events.

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