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Antoinette Dale Henderson

The Gravitas Programme: Accelerating Your Potential 

Gravitas is an essential quality for organisations who want to get the best out of their people. Although some may appear to have it naturally, it is in fact a skill that can be learnt. 

The Gravitas Programme is a unique, results-proven model which assesses the six key components of gravitas and includes powerful techniques to accelerate your leadership potential. Based on extensive research with global leaders and designed by gravitas expert and author of Leading with Gravitas, Antoinette Dale Henderson, the Programme brings together the best of leadership development and advanced communications skills techniques.

Through our tailored programmes, we:

  • Coach CEOs and senior partners on executive gravitas: commanding respect on stage and in the boardroom 
  • Facilitate boards and top teams in developing organisational gravitas: sharpening their corporate message, enlivening their presentations and honing their USP
  • Deliver tailored programmes for leadership and management teams on enhancing their collective and personal gravitas: through simple yet effective tools to communicate with confidence and stand out from the crowd

In addition to our in-house programmes, the Gravitas Masterclass is held twice a year in central London and is open to business owners, entrepreneurs, leaders and managers. 

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