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Aspire4u CIC

Aspire4u CIC (Community Interest Company) is a not for profit organization. Aspire4u CIC works to develop mindsets, well-being, financial literacy & employability through meaningful experiences.

In some cases, helping others to help communities is more impactful, so we support organisations to do great work. For organisations, we undertake business development activities, bid development activities and project management activities. For those needing ideas, we support through consultancy and guidance, for those that need extra help, we deliver projects for you.


Mission Statement:

Aspire4u CIC’s mission is to support communities to create better futures by using evidence of things that work and bringing it back to the community. We use events and experiences to amplify this message.

Aspire4u CIC works to develop mindsets, well-being, financial literacy & employability.

We help young people, families and communities reimagine their lives, then create better futures through what they see and what they feel.

We use online and real life experiences to grow mindsets necessary for stronger communities. We believe the following are key: understanding the mind, understanding know-how (techniques), and understanding money.

Create & Communicate.

We create: life learning experiences (through programmes, events & research) to develop mindsets and the mentalities necessary for a better life.


We communicate: things that make lives/ communities better through simplifying research; inspiring information or stimulating the mind into action.


Look out for other events we support, social businesses we develop and bids we enhance for individuals, communities and organisations.


Get in touch to see how we can help you. @A4UCIC (all social media)