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Caritas Leeds

Caritas Leeds is a forum for all charities, agencies, projects, services and groups that are involved in social action or social care in the Diocese of Leeds. Caritas, which comes from the Latin word for charity, and our motto ‘faith through loving service’ are an inspiration to the challenge and teaching of the above quotation. A Catholic more than just believes the message of the teachings of the scripture and the Church: we are also called to be witnesses to the love and mercy of God. This means that our faith must be actively expressed through loving service and works of charity, our ‘Caritas’.

The aims of Caritas Leeds include:

  • Providing a strong and coherent voice on important social issues for the Diocese of Leeds.
  • Identifying and responding to areas of need within the Diocese.
  • Encouraging, promoting and facilitating social action.

Caritas Leeds is linked to the Caritas Social Action Network (CSAN), the national forum which operates on behalf of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of England and Wales and brings together similar groups from around the country. This agency is linked to both Caritas Europa, the network of Caritas organisations on the European continent and Caritas Internationalis, the global confederation of Catholic relief, development and social service organisations founded in 1897.