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Change Your World Events Ltd
8 years ago, I met a life coach called Alisdair Stewart. I was intrigued by the concept of life coaching, but knew very little about it, I certainly had no idea then the impact some individual coaching would have on me and how it would help me to positively transform my life! After some discussion Alisdair bluntly stated “You could do with some life coaching!”  I was horrified, and thought “How very dare he!” However, he was right, although I had a great job, a lovely home, a partner, great friends and family,  But I was deeply unhappy miserable!
The truth was I was overweight, stressed in my job, in debt, unhappy in my relationship and could see no way to change it. Each New Year I’d tell myself this year is going to be different, but of course nothing did change because I didn’t change. I kept doing the same things expecting different results. Sound familiar? 3 months later I started weekly coaching sessions with Alisdair. I soon started to see a significant difference in the way I felt which led to me making different choices and soon getting positive results. 
However in 2010 a grenade went off in my life- when my Mum and Sister were both diagnosed with terminal cancer within 4 months of each other. (I had already lost my dad to cancer 11 years earlier, so knew all too well the pain of bereavement) Sadly my mum passed away within 12 months, at the same time I separated from my partner, which meant selling our home and moving. They say the 3 biggest stresses in life are divorce, moving house and bereavement and I had them all at once, but the challenges didn’t end there. After our mum passed away, I became a full-time carer for my other sister Shelly who has learning disabilities. I had always known I would look after Shelly, when the time came but I had always imagined I would be married with a family and Shelly with just slot into family life, however, this was not my situation and I began struggling to balance my caring responsibilities, whilst trying to function in my demanding job as a radio producer. 
Everything that I had known to be my life had now been turned upside down and I was struggling to cope; my mental health was now also deteriorating. My thoughts did go to a place of ending it all, had it not been for the continued support and coaching with Alisdair, I would not be here today. I continued with my life coaching sessions because I knew they were helping, I absorb myself in every self-help book and workshop I could find, and I took up running to help improve my declining mental health. 
With the techniques learnt from personal development, I'm now happy, healthy and embracing life again. I live my life with joy and passion despite the sadness and loss I have experienced. I have changed so much, I’m confident, strong and resilient and this is why I’m so passionate about personal development. I have seen what it has done for me and now I want to share my story and inspire others to positively change themselves so that together we can change the world.
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