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Damian Wawrzyniak

Damian Wawrzyniak, Chef Consultant


Award Winning Chef, Master Craftsman at Guild for Chefs UK has also experience in two Michelin Star, Worlds Best Restaurant, Noma in Copenhagen / Denmark he also was in charge of Champagne&Seafood Restaurant at Largest Food Operation in British History – London 2012 Olympics & Paralympics. Earned a Level 5 Bachelor of Management and Gastronomy degree. It was in Ireland, France, Germany, United Kingdom where Damian received the majority of his culinary training.


Currently working on new Restaurant Openings around the world including including Hong Kong, London and more! Also regularly taking part of new Documentary Series about BREXIT via BBC.


He also started his very personal mission to bring his roots out to the WORLD! Currently Polish Food is Most Undiscovered Cuisine in Britain! Damian wants you to try his specialities and fall in love with them!

How many of you heard about Pierogies? Bigos? Smalec...How many of you have tried home made traditional Polish Food? 

Now is time to be part of something very special to our hearts, we Poles love food, we love feast and we love talk about how it was prepared by our mum, grannie or auntie...

Now is time to be part of this very special Journey, Journey of love and flavours, passion and happines.

Polish Culture - Journey Through the Food is coming to town near you! Join us and celebrate our Culture!

I have selected locations across Great Britain, my journey will start in February, together with group of amazing Chefs we will travel from one location to another, prepare what we have learnt from our grannies and serve to you. 

One event in one town, no repeats. We will travel from Peterborough to Shrewsburry, from London to USK in Wales, from Cambridge to Birmingham.

2017 Culinary TOUR

26th of February : Birmingham at CENTRALA

12th of March : Shrewsburry at ORIGINS RESTAURANT

9th of April : ASCOT

22nd of April : London at 155 BAR & KITCHEN

30th of April : Peterborough at MACCALOO Restaurant

14th of May : Skegness at GROSVENOR HOUSE HOTEL

Tickets will be releaed in no paticular order and will be first in first sold. There will be no repeat on events or locations.

We will serve selection of dishes, menu will contain dishes with meat, fish, preserved fruits, pickled vegetables. We will use different cooking techniques, we will describe each dish during feast, we will talk about ingredients and history of our food.

Please expect

Vodka & Salt (No need for tranlation)
Bread & Smalec - Chleb ze Smalcem
Chicken Broth - Rosol
Silisian Dumplings - Kluski SLaskie 
Pierogies - Pierogi
Cabbage & Speck - Kapusta z Boczkiem Wedzonym
Schnitzel with Crashed Dill Potatoes - Schabowy z Okraszanymi Ziemniakami
Meat Balls - Kotlety 
Selection of Pickles, Salads, Potatoes, Greens
Vegatable Salad - Salatka Warzywna
Cheescake - Sernik
Poppy Seed Cake - Makowiec
Apple Pie - Jablecznik

Please note menu is subject to change, we will serve as many dishes as possible during the feast. Please do not eat breakfast!

If you are interested to use Damian's Guidance with new openings, kitchen design, equipment identification, menu development or staff training please contact him directly.

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