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Graphic Design & Illustration Department at SHU





BA (Honours) Graphic Design

BA (Honours) Graphic Design (User Experience)


BA (Honours) Illustration


You learn about the core principles of graphic design and illustration

 and their application across a range of design related industry sectors.


You have the opportunity to enhance your career prospects by taking part

 in international competitions, live briefs and work placements. There are also

residential study trips at home and abroad, complemented by visits to design

conferences, studios, alumni and professional events.


Developing your portfolio is an important way for you to evidence your

 talents and skills to employers when you graduate. Throughout the course, staff will support your aspirations to innovate, take creative risks and challenge social and cultural conventions.

There are excellent career prospects for graduates in a range of creative

 jobs in the UK and overseas in areas such as advertising, designing for environments

and three-dimensional spaces, branding and identity through to illustration,

printmaking, animation, screen-based graphics, interactivity and typography.


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