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Heroic Entrepreneurs

Our mission is to bring Heroic Entrepreneurs, Ambitous Startup Founders and Smart CEO's together to empower and inspire each others success.

 Heroic Entrepreneurs


Not only can you benefit from the knowledge, experience and support of your peers, you can also profit from discussions and insights as we implement the latest Lean startup and growth hacking methodologies recommended by startup heroes - Steve Blank, Eric Ries and Ash Maurya.


This experience is also different because we believe no one is better qualified than entrepreneurs who have 'Been there and have done that' to inspire and guide you to success. Life is too short to re-invent the wheel so learn from the experiences of your entrepreneurial peers and gain real confidence that your are making the best decisions.


This belief is based on the many failures and successes James has witnessed since he started running exclusive business mastermind or peer mentoring groups for Edinburgh Entrepreneurs in 2010.


Talk to any seasoned entrepreneur and they'll tell you


"Don't go it alone; find people you can confide in".


Fundamentally, the peer mentoring groups are for 'Heroic' entrepreneurs who either want to build a business that can make a difference in the world or want to ensure they are not suffering from their own 'Reality Distortion Field' and are ready to take objective feedback.

Heroic Entrepreneurs also understand that the most successful businesses are those that provide the MOST VALUE to the MOST PEOPLE by solving a problem, meeting a need or making a unique contribution to the world. It is not about making money but rather living life on purpose.


'The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.'

Mark Twain


This is only possible if the entrepreneur has the courage to awaken and commit to fulfilling their calling, discover and work to their natural strengths, find and engage the most suitable partners, and also learn from other people's experiences and are prepared to be part of other people's successes. Is that you?


I really believe that the resolve, determination and true grit we have to overcome any obstacle and make success ours, is in direct proportion to how vivid, detailed and concrete our dreams or aspirations are. This we can control, feed and cultivate!


I have learned this belief through my experiences in transforming lives since 1985 - the same year Microsoft launched Windows 1. In that time, I have helped thousands of individuals improve their mindset, careers and businesses through the implementation of this belief through One-to-One mentoring, coaching and training programmes.


I am currently working on my sixth startup InverLife which a personal development platform and promotes products and program from the world's best Coaches, Authors and Speakers.


I have always been an Entrepreneur and started my first business importing motorcycles from Los Angeles in 1990 - I remember watching the Rodney King Riots on TV that year whilst in a pool bar in Cabo San Lucas, Baja Sur, Mexico.


This is where I watched the Rodney King Riots in Los Angelese


The Rodney King Riots


Since then I have gained a degree from Edinburgh University in Community Education and have six years' experience of managing projects and teams.


I have been a Trustee with HOPE Worldwide UK since 2004 and I have been fundraising for a HOPE Foundation school in Bhuj, India that provides free education to over 350 children since 2006.


I combine my personal, relationship, educational and business skills to offer a unique service that draws out the best and most wonderful aspects of each business astermind group member.


My specialties include:

Entrepreneurship, Startups, Leadership Development, Public Speaking, Group Facilitation, Business Coaching, Mentoring, Strategy, Personal Development, Personal Coaching,

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