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imagine2027 - positive visions for a better, fairer future for all, in 2027

imagine2027 presents positive visions about how we can build a better, fairer future, for all of us, in 10 years' time.  Brought to you by The Cambridge Commons, the local affiliate of The Equality Trust.


A good society has no slaves, no underclass.  Everyone has a fair chance and a fair share.  Yet in Britain today, nothing is fair anymore – not education, not healthcare, not income, not opportunity, not political power, not wealth, not security. Nothing.

Opportunity is shared unfairly, outcomes keep it like that.  Inequality is getting worse, and  this hurts all of us.  ‘Economic growth’ is helpful – but not when the gains all go to the top.  Collective wellbeing depends far more on how the fruits of prosperity are shared out.  When we share our prosperity, we also share our values, respect, experiences, and spaces.  Wellbeing is infectious.  We flourish together, or our society rots.

To create a better society, first we must imagine it.  It’s your future.  Join the conversation.

At a dozen events staged from mid 2017 to mid 2018, nationally-recognized thought-leaders, each drawing on deep expertise in a relevant field, will give their personal, positive views on what’s possible, to help us see past our fractious present, to the better, fairer world we could live in by 2027.  imagine2027 will then publish a Compendium of the proceedings, presenting a holistic vision for improving equality on all fronts, and hold a National Convention in late 2018 to promote positive change.

Sorry, there are no upcoming events