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Jessop Wing

Antenatal classes for women planning to birth with Jessop Wing in Sheffield are now being offered virtually via Microsoft Teams. More dates/sessions are added frequently.

In early pregnancy (12-20 weeks ideally) we would like to welcome you to join our Chat with the MIDWIFE session where we will discuss topics to help you stay healthy throughout your pregnancy. This will be an interactive session where you will have the opportunity to ask questions.

A series of 3 Birth Preparation classes are now being offered virtually on Microsoft Teams; These will be interactive sessions with the opportunity for Q+A on each topic. the ideal time to attend this course is during your third trimester, from 28wks onwards.

Session 1- Changes to your body during the third trimester and Fetal movements

How to recognise labour has started

Coping strategies for early labour and how your birth partner can support you.

When to call the midwife or come to hospital, what to expect when you arrive at hospital.

Session 2- The stages of labour

Analgesia/Pain Reliefs available

the Birth and Meeting your baby for the first time.

Session 3- Caring for your newborn baby safely

Feeding choices.

How to recognise your baby may be unwell.

You can find a number of videos covering some of the content of the antenatal classes on 

A tour of the Jessop wing can be viewed at

Further information can also be found on

IF all our courses are fully booked similar courses are being offered by Sheffield City Council in partnership with the Jessop wing. To view these alternative courses please visit:-